Jacques Torres' Decadent Waffle Ice Cream Sundae

This is an interruption from my HK/China vacation series. I’ll continue it…soon. I just want to keep my blog somewhat updated with the NYC food scene.

About two weeks ago I went to Jacques Torres‘ chocolate shop down in the West Village because of 2 reasons: I attended a Wine & Spirit’s Top of the List Event (photo set here), that it’s very close to the venue and I’ve been dying to try Mr. Torres’ ice cream ever it opened over the Memorial Day weekend.

Ice cream stall
Ice cream & sorbet flavors Ice cream flavors
Ice cream stall and flavors of the day

Taking a break from drinking (not too difficult for me), I kept telling Helen, “I need food. Ice cream. ANYTHING! Just no more wine. Pleeeasse. I’m feeling kinda tipsy.” She agreed and we walked over to Jacques.

Perusing the ice cream’s freezer, we were pretty clueless as to what to choose for flavors or whether or not we want to share or hog our own cup of ice cream. One of the young ladies who helped us out was nice enough to let us sample practically every flavor that’s available that evening – vanilla (it’s ok; it’s missing something to make it delicious), the Wicked, Torres’ spicy hot chocolate (a bit too spicy for me in ice cream form to appreciate it), Jacques Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies (liked the chunky chocolate “chips”), chocolate banana (loved the intense banana flavor), and banana rum sorbet (almost creamy like ice cream; banana-y but have to search for the rum).

A decadent mess
Helllooo, gluttony.

Since Helen and I liked the latter three flavors, we opted for the waffle sundae – a waffle made to order, topped with three scoops of ice cream and three toppings (we chose caramel sauce, fudge sauce, and fresh whipped cream). All of that for $8.95, plus tax. Not bad considering how HUGE and insanely decadent this dessert is. Honestly, this would make any cardiologist happy. I’m just thankful I have Helen to eat half of it!

This creation was tasty. The small drawbacks were the fact that I do prefer my waffle a bit more crisp since it’s absorbing all of the melted goodness of the ice cream, and the sorbet was a touch gummy (from the banana).

One more big bite
Almost done…

After eating the entire thing (Helen ate the last bite, seen above), our tummies were full for the remainder of the night. Really, wine and frozen custard is a good mix. Maybe not for one’s health but I did it (with Helen). It was a happy, good evening.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

350 Hudson Street (at King Street)
New York, NY 10014 (map)


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  1. laura says:

    love the post. that waffle sundae does look pretty good. it kind of looks like a crepe. we just had ice cream from their dumbo location and it looks like they have a different set of flavors and that maybe the hudson store is a bit more set up than in brooklyn. we just had cones, and i have to say that i thought the chocolate raspberry was pretty excellent. not sure i could even finish one of those waffles though my kids might be able to help out.

  2. Helen says:

    I think that waffle sundae picture was the first one which actual food looked and tasted better than picture.

    It was THAT good!!!

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