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Exploring the Vast Supermarket in a Mall: Sogo

I’m not really going in chronological order with my Hong Kong/China vacation posts. I’m following my Flickr photos and my memory (if it’s that helpful). Anyway, this originally took place on May 2nd (that’s most of the pics) and May 10th, 2009 (repeat because of hauling stuff back home – NYC). To read the previous HK/China posts, follow this link. After eating dim sum at Sportful Garden Restaurant with my uncle’s relatives, my aunt took me to one of Hong Kong’s major shopping districts, Causeway Bay to explore a huge ass mall that I’ve never encountered before, Sogo. Instead of..

Dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant, Hong Kong

My Hong Kong/China vacation took place on April 29 – May 10, 2009. As you might know, I post at a very slow pace, so please bear with me. This is a summary of my two dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant. During the evenings of my second and fourth days of vacation, my aunt and uncle planned dinners at Sportful Garden Restaurant to celebrate my cousin’s (their daughter) wedding. (In case you don’t know, there’s a lot of food involved in Chinese wedding traditions.) My aunt was the mastermind behind these dinners – one was to try it out with..

Dim Sums at Sportful Garden Restaurant, Hong Kong

My Hong Kong/China vacation took place on April 29 – May 10, 2009. I know I’m way overdue on these posts but at least I’m writing it – in a sloth-like pace. This post is an overall review of the multiple times (four, if you need to know) I’ve eaten dim sum at Sportful Garden Restaurant, with my aunt and uncle or with a larger crowd of relatives. It’s mostly food porn rather than a useful review, perhaps. I’ll let you be the judge. Part of the Interior When my aunt took me to Sportful Garden Restaurant for the first..

Day 1 in Hong Kong: Adorable Kittens and A Japanese Izakaya Buffet

Taken place back on April 29th. Yeah, I’m that behind. This is Day 1 of my vacation that dates from April 29th – May 10th (May 11 was my flight back to NYC.) Flying from JFK to Hong Kong International was a long and sort of exciting. It’s my first solo international flight that lasted for nearly 16 hours and I haven’t been to Hong Kong ever since I was 6 years old! Waiting to fly out of NYC My aunt Amy picked my slightly-jet lagged self up from Hong Kong International Airport. Thankfully, the last time we actually seen..

Observations of Hong Kong & Parts of China

Many stairs, grocery shopping, and a night shot As some of you might or care know, I’m back from Hong Kong (nearly 2 weeks ago). I don’t know whether I should be excited or be impartial coming back to NYC but seeing my bed was probably the highlight of coming back home! And I suffered from jet lag for nearly a week. I never felt that awful in my entire life; not knowing whether or not I should be sleeping or working due to the 12-hour time difference. I’m highlighting random bits of things I observed during my trip abroad..