L’Eclair de Génie (Paris, France)

Pistachio raspberry eclairs
Rainbow of chocolates to choose

Christophe Adam, pastry chef and owner of L’Eclair de Génie in Paris’s Marais district (and there’s other locations around the city). Adam has transformed and modernized the classic French éclair into a dessert that is fresh and appealing. He dresses his éclairs in stunning rainbow colors, finishes them off with edible powdered silver, and throws into the mix fun flavors like yuzu, salted caramel, orange pistachio, and even caramel popcorn. Basically, he’s made the old éclair cool again.

What you won’t find is any other pastries here since this brand is all about éclairs, chocolates (that are boxed or you may purchase by piece) and a jars of chocolate and chocolate hazelnut spreads.

No. 3 Chocolate Praline "push pop" eclair
Chocolate Noir eclair
Our eclairs (left to right) - Chocolate Noir, Pecan Praline, Passion Mango, Passtion Raspberry, Yuzu Citron

For our visit to this shop, we indulged quite a bit on the beloved classic pastry (prices range from €5 to €7 per piece). The most interesting looking one was the No. 3 Chocolate Praline, which we were told, it’s a summer item since it’s chilled and meant to be eaten like squeeze ice pops of your childhood. Take a bite of the chocolate coated choux top (it’s about a two-inch piece of pastry) and it reveals creamy, not too sweet, chocolate praline pastry cream. Fun and definitely for the pastry cream connoisseur. The Chocolate Noir (dark chocolate gilded with gold flecked chocolate squares), Pecan Praline (an American inspired flavor, coated in a coppery-gold icing), passion mango (fruity and balanced), passion raspberry (wonderfully tart fruit flavors), and yuzu citron (lovely lemon-y tartness). We learned that the flavors rotate every season and when we arrived, the staff informed us that they are changing the flavors the next day.

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L’Eclair de Génie

Multiple locations but visited:
14 rue Pavée
75004 Paris