Angelina Paris (Paris, France)

Busy late afternoon

If you ever crave for something sweet just a few steps away from the Louvre, you should go to the legendary pâtisserie Angelina Paris. This salon was founded in 1903 by the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer. This grand tea house has a faded grandeur of a belle époque salon is bustling with the many tourists who flock for the pastries and a few who want to have a light meal and there is a take away section at the front of the tea room.

My hot chocolate set with whipped cream on the side
Iced chocolate, Été à Paris, and Riviloli
Été à Paris - Croustillant crumble, Joconde biscuit, raspberry compote, vanilla cream
Mont Blanc - Meringue, light whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli
Rivioli - Choux pastry, crunchy coconut and passion fruit shortbread, mango cream, light passion fruit .whipped cream

We were here for a sweet pick-me-up and started off with its signature hot chocolate “L’Africain” which comes with a small cup full of whipped cream (8.20€) and iced chocolate “L’Africain” (8.20€). Both were delicious and not too sweet but the hot chocolate was viscous and thick that small sips of water in between was needed for me to break up the intensely rich beverage.

The three pastries of Été à Paris, Riviloli, and the signature Mont Blanc were beautiful and tasty. The Mont Blanc (9.2€) was a lightly sweetened dessert made of meringue, cloud-like chantilly cream and strings of dense chestnut purée that was lovely. The seasonal pastries — Rivoli and Été à Paris (9.2 and 9.3€, respectively) — were delicious. The Rivoli was a choux pastry, layered with crunchy coconut and passion fruit shortbread, mango cream, and topped with a delicately tart passion fruit whipped cream. In one bite, it’s an airy, creamy pastry with lots of delicate tropical flavors from the two fruits’ pastry creams. We liked the Été à Paris the most for the bold flavor of raspberries and the crispiness of the croustillant crumble. The texture of that crumble really made a huge difference.

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Angelina Paris

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 60 82 00