Qui Plume La Lune (1* Michelin)


One of our magnificent meals was at Qui Plume La Lune. When you step in the restaurant, you can’t help but notice it is cozy and romantic. Then, most importantly, the food, which is fresh, full of vitality, and made with hand – selected ingredients (organic, quality vegetables etc.). The kitchen serves classic upscale French dishes (seared foie gras with popcorn) and sweetbreads but the amuse bouches were playful and has modern flavor profiles and techniques. It’s a fantastic 1* Michelin restaurant with great service.

Amuses - Flan with vinegar and honey (in egg), homemade pretzel bun, paprika shortbread, squid ink chips topped with chickpea hummus, tonka bean and espelette butter

Qui plume la lune
50 Rue Amelot
75011 Paris
Phone: +33 1 48 07 45 48
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