Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Cake from Immaculate Confections

Bourbon Chocolate Cake with orange glaze

During the heatwave that we had in NYC, I was craving cake and booze. Even though I know how to bake cakes and have some liquor to spare, the heat made me feel miserable and lethargic to do anything. After scouring the Internet for a company that does make this kind of product, I stumbled on Immaculate Confections.

This company is based in Los Angeles, California and does all baked goods that are liquor infused from simple bundt cakes (large and small), tarts and cheesecakes. There are some non-alcoholic peanut butter brownies and coconut macaroons (not the French macarons; these are the sweet coconut cookies).

Though very intrigued with the boozy cheesecake, I ended up custom ordering their 5-inch Bourbon bittersweet chocolate rose cake. It’s soaked with Jim Beam bourbon (a mighty fine bourbon, mind you) and an orange flavored glaze to enhance the citrus flavor that bourbon has. The cake is incredibly moist, fine crumbed and dense from all of that bourbon. The glaze just adds enough orange-y sweetness to balance the alcoholic flavor. If I wanted to gild the lily even further I can imagine topping it with a scoop of homemade bourbon ice cream – that’s if I don’t feel too lazy to break out my ice cream maker and make the custard.

Bourbon Chocolate Cake with orange glaze

Immaculate Confections
Website: http://shop.liquorcake.com/


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