Lady M Confections – A Jewelry Box Patisserie

Lady M Display case
Lady M’s signs and looking down the display case

I decided to head up to the affluent neighborhood of the Upper East Side and indulge myself with edible jewels from Lady M Confections. It’s certainly not the first time I ever been to this Cartier-like cake display, Japanese-owned patisserie/café, except they didn’t allow photography back then but it never prevented me from adoring everything they make and sell, and the friendly staff is always a plus in my book.

Checkerboard cake slice

My first indulgence of the day was a slice of Checkers cake ($8; whole 9-inch $75) with a cup of coffee with a side of foamed milk, all set on Limoges china. This checkerboard-patterned sponge cake was feathery light and tender with an ethereal hint of chocolate. The whipped cream played on the lightness of the cake.

Mirror Caramel Chocolate Flourless Cakes Strawberry Shortcake Gâteau aux Marrons
Whole Cakes

After finishing my slice of Checkers, I still wanted something else to satisfy my sweet tooth. Staring each pristine cake made it terribly difficult to choose just one to eat at the moment.

Cutting my slice of Mille Crepes Cake Mille Crepes Cake
Cutting a slice of Mille Crêpes Cake & my serving

But I am always amazed by their signature Mille Crêpes Cake (slice $8; whole 6-inch $40.00; 9-inch $75.00) that I had to have one. This labor intensive cake, making and layering twenty or so paper thin crêpes with a soupçon amount of whipped cream to hold this cake together, then caramelized on top, was mind blowing. This sublime cake would make your eyes roll back in pleasure thinking how this all melts in your mouth and has a touch of burnt sugar flavor.

Cake slices to take home My desserts for Chinese New Year
Slices to go

I ended my visit by taking several slices and an individual Mont Blanc to go to share with my family and friends.

Trio of cake and strawberry mille feuille slices Mont Blanc Slice of Mirror Caramel Coffee Mille Crepe Cake
Some of the individual cake slices

All of these slices were simply divine. They’re either very smooth and creamy or feathery light and creamy with great flavor. My two absolute favorites of the ones I’ve picked were the Mirror Caramel and the Mont Blanc (former pictured with my vintage green plate; latter, the chestnut-topped confection on a black glitter plate). The mirror was a flan-like caramel custard in which the caramel flavor was taken to the darker end without tasting too burnt and bitter. The thin brownie-like layer on the bottom of this cake enhanced the dark flavors of the caramel.

I’m persnickety when it comes to chestnut desserts, especially when it comes to texture. Lady M’s version won my heart with their Mont Blanc. Diving in my spoon into this dessert and placing it into my mouth, it felt like eating an intense chestnut flavored cloud, with a wonderful endnote of smooth, fine Cognac. The strands of chestnut purée were velvety, light and spiked with a touch of Cognac, in the center was fresh whipped cream to enhance its ethereal character.

If you ever want to pick something up just to pamper your sweet tooth for any occasion or may impress your significant other with gorgeous desserts, this should be your destination. If you need some guidance as to what you should pick, their staff is amiable and willing to assist with your indecisiveness. All of their cakes and pastries are made daily to ensure freshness.

For all of my photos from this visit, please see the slideshow below:

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Lady M Confections

41 East 78th Street
(Between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue)
New York, NY 10075
Phone: (212) 452-2222
Website: http://www.ladymconfections.com


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  1. Danny says:

    so they’ve lightened up on the photo policy now? i couldn’t justify going up there before just to try out expensive cakes if they didn’t let me take a picture. haha.

    1. Tina says:

      Danny I think so? When I went, I didn’t see the no photography sign or have the staff said anything to me.

      I understand how you feel. I just have an awful sweet tooth/craving that if I want it, I should get it.

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