Lady M Confections: Cakes, Macarons, and My Early Birthday Cake

Lady M Interior of Lady M
Vase of HUGE hydrangeas Breakfast for two
At Lady M: Exterior and Interior, Beautiful vase of Hydrangeas, and Breakfast for Two

Though I have written about Lady M earlier this year, this patisserie will always be special to me in many ways and I will never get tired of their beautiful cakes.

I went there a few mornings ago for a photo shoot of their pristine, modern, luxurious boutique in the tony area of Upper East Side. I adore their large vase full of green-tinted white hydrangeas (which is changed daily and each stem contains blossoms the size of my head) and my companion stared in awe how gorgeous they were.

Though it was dreary and rainy, the trip to this boutique made it a great start of what would be a day of many meetings. A companion of mine and I had a cup of coffee and cappuccino to start with Lady M’s decadent slice of raspberry chocolate cake and their dainty strawberry-milk chocolate macarons. The cake is sublime, as always. Dense, dark chocolate ganache layered with chocolate mousse and topped with tart raspberry jam.

Strawberry & milk chocolate macarons for breast cancer fundraising Strawberry and milk chocolate macarons
Strawberry & Milk Chocolate macarons for breast cancer fundraising

The unusual offering was the trio of strawberry-milk chocolate macarons (a box or plate of 3 for $5). For the many years I’ve eaten at Lady M, this was a rare sighting. These macarons are a limited time offering for this week only (meaning you have another two days to purchase them) to raise money for a great cause, Pink Ribbons Project promoting breast cancer awareness. The macarons only come in one flavor and it’s bite-sized but it the flavors are fresh, harmonious and vibrant. I definitely tasted the strawberry and milk chocolate flavors and the cookie was perfectly moist (you may see how it looks like bitten).

Mirror Caramel cakeSlicing the Mirror Caramel
Box #1 - Cake slices of Gateau Nuage, Mille Crepe, Couronne du Chocolat, Marron Mille Crepe, Mirror Caramel, Banana Mille Feuille Box #2 - Individual Mont Blancs, Fruit Tart, Strawberry Mille Feuille, Green tea mousse cake
Whole Mirror Caramel cake, sliced; Boxes #1 and 2 to be taken home with me

Since I do not have the leisure of time to linger in this boutique that morning, I had several slices of cakes, a fruit tart, and individual Mont Blancs to go. Many are old favorites that must be eaten again, especially the heavenly Mont Blanc that tastes like a chestnut, Cognac-kissed cloud.

My birthday cake boxes (Pumpkin Nuage & my cake inscription plaque)
My (early) birthday cake: Pumpkin Nuage My (early) birthday cake's chocolate plaque
My early birthday cake…!

What I really didn’t anticipate was being presented with my (early) birthday cake. This is one of their seasonal cakes, Pumpkin Nuage (9-inch cake $75) with their round white chocolate plaque with a inscription “Happy Birthday Tina.” The young woman who assisted me said, “I have never seen this type of plaque before. I usually see it done on a slim rectangular shortbread with piped dark chocolate writing.” That made me feel doubly humbled.

It’s one thing to be bestowed with this delicious pumpkin cheesecake that’s delicate and balanced in flavor (not overwhelming with spices) as your birthday cake but have a special topper/inscription that an employee has never seen until now – that’s a different level and words cannot describe how grateful I am to Lady M.

The dessert spread from Lady M My early birthday cake - Pumpkin Nuage
My dessert spread, the next morning; My early birthday cake – Pumpkin Nuage

The next morning, I invited some friends and family to share my cakes since I cannot eat all of them myself and share my birthday cake. Compliments were bountiful and well wishes to my (early) birthday have been said as my guests were tucking into their desserts and my awesome birthday cake.

If you have yet to make the trip over to Lady M, I highly suggest you do so. It is great for any special occasion (many of their clients tend to special order whole cakes for birthdays and anniversaries, as I’ve witnessed the morning I was there) or just to satiate your sweet tooth with a slice of sublime, delicate cake that doesn’t weigh you down while dining in a beautiful setting.

To see more photos of this visit, please click through my slideshow below:

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Lady M Confections

Website: ladymconfections.com
41 East 78th Street
(Between Madison Avenue & Park Avenue)
New York, NY 10075
Phone: (212) 452-2222
Note: Photographs are allowed ever since last year.

Monday to Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm


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    I had been there couple times, all their cake & fruit tart is the best & so delicious. I am sure I will be there very soon, after I saw your beautiful pictures . By the way, Happy Birthday to You Tina!!!

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