Simply Divine Brownies

Two boxes (or 1 dozen) of brownies
A dozen brownies in two boxes

My chocoholic sweet tooth made me crave brownies and I’m too lazy to whip up a batch of this simple, dark, and not too sweet fudgy goodness at home I looked over to Simply Divine Brownies. As their name states it’s pretty self explanatory. Yes it sounds quite cliché but once you get to eat their brownies you would understand.

Plate of four flavors Birthday cupcake brownie silhouette
Plate of four brownies; Birthday cupcake silhouette brownie

A minimum order of half dozen would cost you $24.50 (excludes shipping and taxes) and up. Unless, you’re ordering a single decorated brownie. These babies are shipped overnight in ice to ensure freshness. This mother-daughter company bake brownies from scratch.

All the brownies Simply Divine makes are the dense, fudgy type of brownie that isn’t too sweet despite the fact each brownie is slathered in frosting. From the plate of brownies you see above, Singin’ the Blues blueberry brownie was topped with semi-dried blueberries that’s gives some extra blueberry flavor; Need’him (or her!) chocolate coconut brownie may skew a bit on the sweet side but has a good amount of flaky coconut layered within; Perk Up cappuccino brownie was intense with coffee flavor that the coffee lover in me was swooning; and Blush strawberry cheesecake brownie was something my parents (whom I shared a few with) were overjoyed to have. There were other flavors I had and there were very enjoyable and a square goes a long way.

I’m usually a minimalist when it comes to brownies but I’ll make an exception for this company.

For more photos of this confection, please click through my slideshow below:

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For more information or to order, go to:
Simply Divine Brownies
7 Mill Street, Floor 2
Freeport, Maine 04032
Phone: 207-865-3961
Website: http://www.simplydivinebrownies.com


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