Box of Bliss(ful) Original and German Chocolate Brownies
Blissful Brownies: Outside and inside the box

Going along with my chocolate obsession due to Valentine’s Day (they should consider naming this holiday as Chocolate Day, instead…), I was craving for a good, fudgy brownie and discovered Blissful Brownies from Hood River, Oregon. They use the best, all natural ingredients with no added preservatives. And they are made hand made in small batches so there’s a lot of love and care into each batch they ship out.

German chocolate brownies Original Chocolate Brownies
Milk and German chocolate brownies or Espresso and Classic brownies…

I ordered their Twelve Brownie Box ($33.50, plus shipping) filled with their original, classic chocolate and chocolate coconut (or German chocolate) brownies. Frankly, when I lifted up the box when I received it from my delivery guy, I was surprised by its weight – it’s heavy!

Bitten original brownie

Excited, I tear open the wrappers and sunk my teeth first into the classic chocolate brownie. I was elated as to how dense, fudgy, and heavily studded with chocolate chips it contained. What’s even better was that it was not too sweet.

The coconut chocolate brownie was as fudgy as the classic but it’s more decadent from the rich, sweet, coconutty topping with a scattering of pecans. When I shared these with my parents, they were blown away as to how good these were. My mom can’t stop picking at the coconut brownies that I had to slap her hand away from the plate! That says a lot from a woman who is picky with desserts.

If you need to get your Valentine’s Day present that’s chocolate-y, I suggest you order from them. Or any other time that you (or your significant other or friend) are in a dying need for a great brownie that is not remotely close to cakey.

Blissful Brownies
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