A Babka to Consider: Aunt Ida’s

Editorial post

Aunt Ida's Babkas
Babkas of deliciousness

I love babkas. Frankly, I wanted to try something different from what I can try in New York City and I stumbled upon Aunt Ida’s all-natural babkas. I found them very worthy of your time (and stomach).

Aunt Ida's Babka: Apricot Almond

These loaves of deliciousness were moist, tender, soft with a fine crumb like you’d imagine on a well made brioche. What made them swoon worthy were the wonderful mess of delicious, buttery, cinnamon-y, almond streusel crumbs. The fillings were flavorful and were in proportion to the cake. And the most important thing is, it’s not cloyingly sweet.

Thanksgiving Morning's Breakfast

These babkas freeze well. Even though, they are easily eaten anytime of the day from breakfast (like I did with a cup of coffee made with the pour-over method) or for dessert. As you might be able to tell, it didn’t last too long if I’m near that loaf.

Granted these babies are found not within the New York City area, so I suggest you to order through their website directly or through Foodzie.


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