John & Kira’s Chocolate and My Upcoming Vacation

Chocolate Ladybugs on flowers Chocolate Bees in the flowers

Ladybug & Bee Collection: Chocolate Ladybugs (left/top photo) & Chocolate Caramel Bees (right/bottom photo)

I’ve been on a search for a spring/Easter chocolate that both looks adorable and colorful yet has great quality and flavor. I remember hearing about John & Kira’s from a friend recently and many moons ago at the Chocolate Show. Revisiting their chocolates was my breath of chocolate-y spring air. Their adorable Bee + Ladybug collection has all the characteristics I want since they’re cute and beautiful to give as presents to friends and family for the upcoming Easter holiday. I even had fun with those chocolates with flowers from my garden, as you see above. (Don’t worry, the flowers are pesticide-free.)

In terms of the chocolates’ flavors, the not-too-thick or thin, crisp (it’s tempered correctly) chocolate shell enrobed the gooey, delicately salted caramel center (the Bee collection). The chocolate ladybug medley were individually colored ladybugs: red – raspberry, green – mint, and yellow – honey lavender. The ganaches were luscious and intensely flavored of each indicated flavor. For more photos and information on how to purchase this chocolate collection, please see the slideshow below.

As for my Spring Break/Easter vacation, I’m heading out to Las Vegas for a couple of days. Lots of eating involved and I’m pretty excited since it’s been over a decade since I last went. If there’s any tips from those of you who’ve been to Vegas recently, I’m more than willing to listen and hope to visit.

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John & Kira’s

Online order only (click here to their site)
Each box from the Bee + Ladybug Collection is $29, plus shipping and taxes


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  1. Nick says:

    Definitely try Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at the Mandarin Oriental. Sage at Aria is also a must in my opinion.
    Have a safe and fun trip

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