Shmoné is owned by Eyal Shani who owns the Miznon chain and HaSalon in Midtown. This Israeli restaurant on 8th Street, has a menu that changes daily and typed out in Comic Sans font, with dish names like “370 Pea & their pea shoots (don’t try to count them)”. It reads a bit unusual since it does not fit in to the typical restaurant menu formats I’ve seen in over the two decades of my doing this semi-serious, if you will, restaurant dining and eating locally and internationally. The restaurant layout has a large U-shaped kitchen counter and smaller dining tables that surround the area. The kitchen counter is good people watching on both the kitchen side and your neighbors.

View of the kitchen counter/dining room

After some thought about what to eat with my dinner guest, we ordered two dishes from each section (Earth, Ocean, and Animal). You may scroll through my photo slideshow below for all of the dishes we’ve eaten. The best dishes of the night were the baby artichoke with egg yolk pasta and the 2.5-pound ribeye steak. The food is on the expensive side since the mentioned perfectly cooked steak, sliced on our section of the counter was $135. The larger protein dishes hover the $40-$50. Most dishes that are smaller than main course sizes average about $20-$35.

  • Sardines marinated in olive oil and orange for bruschetta topping
  • View of the kitchen counter/dining room
  • Green Monster - Absinthe, cucumber, mint, club soda
  • Grill (binchotan) and oven station of kitchen
  • Corner table seat
  • 2.5-pound Ribeye Steak grilled on the binchotan
  • 2.5-pound Ribeye Steak grilled on the binchotan
  • Malabi
  • Open kitchen/seating from the kithcen counter bar
  • Pomme Anna en papillote, sour cream and caviar
  • Hiramasa "sashimi"
  • Veal sweetbread grilled on the binchotan
  • Oven roasted Corvina with spring vegetables
  • 2.5-pound Ribeye Steak grilled on the binchotan
  • Baby artichoke, egg yolk pasta
  • Executive Chef Nadav Greenberg slicing my 2.5-pound ribeye steak on the counter
  • View of the open kitchen at the counter seats


61 W 8th St
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (646) 438-9815


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