Ample Hills Creamery Gowanus – Amazing, Decadent Ice Cream

Exterior of Ample Hills Creamery Gowanus location
Front end of the shop to order
Ample Hills Creamery Gowanus' rooftop
Ample Hills Creamery Gowanus: Exterior, front retail part of the shop, and the rooftop

Ample Hills Creamery opened their new location at Gowanus about two weeks ago. It’s exciting for ice cream lovers since Ample Hills churns out some insane ice cream. I meant insane as a good thing for creating pretty imaginative flavors and techniques to create their ice cream and appeal to both kids and the adults who still have their inner kid. They also have a rooftop that you can sit outside and get a view of the Gowanus.

We sampled a couple of flavors that were available like their creative Snap Mallow Pop that has a buttery and fluffy ice cream like marshmallow fluff as it’s made with over 30 pounds of marshmallow. The consistency is so unique as it’s a chewy ice cream (there’s so much marshmallow) with the crispy crunchiness of the rice cereal mixed within it. It’s mind bending awesome. My friend D tried The Dude that is a White Russian ice cream with vodka and coffee liquor and he adored it (disclosure: he likes White Russian cocktails).

Amy of Ample Hills holding the pretzel cone topped with Chocolate, Pretzel & Stout and "Sweet as Honey" ice creams
Pretzel cone topped with Chocolate, Pretzel & Stout and "Sweet as Honey" ice creams
Pretzel cone topped with Chocolate, Chocolate Stout & Pretzel ice cream and Sweet as Honey ice creams

After some internal debate, I’ve settled on the a housemade pretzel cone topped with ‘Chocolate Stout and Pretzel’ ice cream and ‘Sweet as Honey’ ice cream. This humongous concoction was awesome and delicious. The rich ice creams worked well with the wonderful malty, lightly salted flavor of the crunchy pretzel cone. The chocolate stout and pretzel ice cream was rich, bittersweet chocolate ice cream with a twang of stout and chunky, crunchy pretzels. The Sweet as Honey ice cream is one of their signature flavors. The sweet cream ice cream mixed with fresh bits of chopped honeycomb candy. It’s a strong hit of caramel flavor, with the delicate sweetness of cold, fresh cream.

I can’t stop putting down my spoon and eating and it was barely 15 minutes past noon!

Our cups of Stumptown Cold Brewed Coffee on Tap

This location serves Stumptown cold brew coffee on tap and balanced our sugar intake with the smooth, dark, not bitter iced coffee.

Amy building our ooey gooey cake sundae, topping with whipped cream
Ooey gooey cake sundae and my Stumptown iced coffee (on tap)

Since we do love ice cream sundaes, we couldn’t resist ordering one. We opted for an ooey gooey cake sundae (the other option was a brownie) topped with a large scoop of their special ‘It Came from Gowanus’ ice cream, layered with hot fudge, caramel sauce, a hefty cloud of whipped cream, and of course, rainbow sprinkles. You can’t help but smile with glee yet feel daunted by the task of eating this delicious monster.

The ooey gooey cake is a St. Louis style Ooey Gooey Butter Cake that is a tasty, moist, chewy, brown buttery cake you’ve ever eaten. The ‘It Came from Gowanus’ a super-dark salted-chocolate-fudge ice cream, white-chocolate pearls, a variation of their Crack cookie mix-in, made of hazelnut paste and gianduja, and chunks of dark-chocolate brownies flavored with natural orange extract and a splash of Grand Marnier. Every intense bite of this was worth the calories and it’s simply one of the best ice cream sundaes I’ve had.

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Ample Hills Creamery

Gowanus Location
305 Nevins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel +1-347-725-4061


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