Thanks for Your Patience!

Hi Readers, Thanks so much for your patience. For the past two days, my site was hacked and they managed to infect malware so that’s why your computer, laptop, and possibly iPhone/iPad/Droid devices are freaking out and panicking (so was I) that prevented you from proceeding. Everything should be fine now and business will continue as usual. Thanks everyone for your emails of concern and the staff who sorted out this mess. It means a lot to me. xoxo, Tina

Lady M Confections: Cakes, Macarons, and My Early Birthday Cake

At Lady M: Exterior and Interior, Beautiful vase of Hydrangeas, and Breakfast for Two Though I have written about Lady M earlier this year, this patisserie will always be special to me in many ways and I will never get tired of their beautiful cakes. I went there a few mornings ago for a photo shoot of their pristine, modern, luxurious boutique in the tony area of Upper East Side. I adore their large vase full of green-tinted white hydrangeas (which is changed daily and each stem contains blossoms the size of my head) and my companion stared in awe..

Greek Lent Dinner

Recently I’ve been invited to a Greek benefit dinner at Molyvos, whose meal frames around the Greek Orthodox tradition of Lent. Knowing what Lent is, I am a skeptic. I’m an omnivore who loves her meat and dairy. Frankly, I don’t think I can go a day without any dairy since I need a splash of it in my morning cup of coffee. But I bit the bullet, agreed to come and have an open mind to try out Chef Jim Botsacos’ take on the Lenten tradition. (I’m keeping this post short since it’s mainly benefit-focused.) Entering in the restaurant,..

Tweaking the Site Ever So Slightly

As some of you might notice a few days ago, I tweaked my regular site a bit (not the smartphone compatible one). Barely but it’s an improvement. 1. The obvious one is the color scheme; a dark gray to emphasize and/or frame my photos better. 2. I got rid of the excess search bar that used to be under the “subscribe” icons of my RSS feed and e-mail subscription so you can depend on what was my original intention ever since I moved to my current domain – use the Google search bar. If you can’t find that, it’s right..

Thanksgiving Desserts & A Bit of Dinner

Around the beginning of November, my mom told me one morning that she wanted me to bake desserts for Thanksgiving. This wasn’t news to me since I’ve been baking desserts for my family over a decade. She requested a cheesecake (again, nothing new) and she wanted to indulge herself with a key lime pie. I rolled my eyes and said, “Sure. Just get me some ingredients that we don’t have in the house. I have the chocolate for the cheesecake.” She replied, “Chocolate? For the cheesecake?” I said, “Yes, I want to change things up. I’m tired of making the..

I’m Back in NYC…Over A Week Ago

Hello readers! I’m back in NYC over a week ago. I would have written a short post indicating this fact but, uh, I was dying of jet lag. A 12-hour difference and boarding on a 16-hour flight (with insomnia effecting me) doesn’t help my sense of time when I got back home. Anyhoo, during my 12-day vacation (13 is a full flying/unpacking day), I spent about 7 days in Hong Kong (total; broken into two parts), 1 day in Shenzhen, China and the other 4 in Zhuhai, China and Macau. Yeah, it’s sort of a big southeast Asian trek of..

Preparing to Say “Au Revoir” to NYC

The time is finally arriving… I’m going to Hong Kong and visit parts of southeast China this Tuesday, April 28th for the next two weeks. My bags are packed. My passport and visa is in my Alma bag that I’m taking with me (with my heavy 5D Mark II camera and lenses that weighs at least 5-7 lbs.! I think I need to see a chiropractor after vacation…). And soon to be saying “Hello” to Hong Kong and probably alienating them with my American/New Yorkness. I can sense the locals will be smirking or laughing at my awful pronunciations. I..

I’m Going On A Vacation!

As my title says, I’m going on a vacation! Not now, but I will be in late April to early May to Hong Kong and the southern part of China! WOOT! I’m finally leaving this continent. It’s been over half my life since I’ve been there. Reasons why I’m flying my butt half way across the world is because my cousin’s getting married and my aunt urges me for years to come over to visit her and my mom’s side of the family. Feeling much to the point of getting burnt from taking care of my mom and working, I’m..

Coconut-Lemon Sablés

Sablé cookies The weekend of my mom’s surgery (that’s two weeks ago), I baked her coconut-lemon sablé cookies. Why? She loves any and almost every coconut dessert or confection and I think cookies are a cinch to bake. I just chose sablés because she likes the crumbly, sandy texture of this rich cookie except she never remembers the name of it. As some of you bakers out there know that sablés are sort of hard to bake because of the texture, I found out from Cook’s Illustrated that there’s a secret to getting it right and it all goes down..