Private Tasting Dinner by Chef Josh Capon at The Kitchen

Chef Josh Capon of Lure Fishbar Rue La La
Stoli Raspberry vodka cocktail in a highball glass Spicy blood orange margarita made with Stoli vodka
Ty-Ku Sakes Ty-Ku Sake

At Rue La La’s Tasting Dinner with Chef Josh Capon (top left); kicking off with Stoli Vodka based-drinks and TY KU Sakes

Last night, I attended Rue La La New York City’s tasting dinner by Executive Chef Josh Capon of Lure Fishbar at The Kitchen (this event was $95 per person). I’m a fan of Chef Capon’s seafood dishes, as I’ve eaten there a few times for meetings. What makes it special is to have him prepare and cook the food, and talk to this affable, gregarious chef.

The evening kicked off with the welcoming of cocktails made with Stoli Vodka – one was primarily made with Stoli Razberi Vodka (sweet and fruity) and the other was a spicy blood orange margarita made with the Stoli 80 proof. Both very good but with different personalities. There was also a sake tasting table feature TY KU Sake, it tasted sweet with nuances of peach and refreshing.

Stone crab claws with kimchi aioli Tray of deviled egg topped with American caviar
Tray of lobster rolls Sauteed shrimp in soy ginger butter with black sesame
Shrimp tacos Vegetable gazpacho with crab salad
Mini crab cakes
Lots of food cranked out by Chef Capon and his crew

Chef Capon and his crew of three cooks managed to cook a lot of food. For sure, no one should have left hungry at all since he cooked seven dishes and there was a raw oyster bar in the next room (I’ll get to the latter a bit later.). The stone crab claws with kimchi aioli was divine, as the delicately spicy dip gave it some subtle kick to the sweet, meaty crab meat. The gazpacho with lump crab meat was very light and refreshing. I adored the sauteed shrimp with soy ginger butter garnished with black sesame seeds. The mini lobster rolls were fabulous, as it’s barely dressed in mayonnaise and let the lobster’s pristine sweetness speak for itself. The crab cakes were fun to eat and you can’t go wrong with a well made crab cake, same goes for the grilled shrimp tacos topped with sweet corn tomato salsa and avocado sauce. The Deviled eggs with American caviar was a very good upscale version of the typical Deviled egg.

Blue Point Oysters with pineapple cucumber relish Kushi Oysters with Jalapeno Ponzu
Raw oyster bar

The raw oyster bar consisted of two species of oysters – Blue Point and Kushi. The small Kushi oysters were dressed with jalapeño ponzu to emphasize the oyster’s sweet, light flavors. The larger Blue Point oysters were topped with pineapple cucumber relish to go along the clean, crisp and brinier flavors.

Overall, this tasting dinner was fun and relatively intimate as it is not incredibly crowded as larger format dinners go. Food kept churning out of the kitchen so you are assured to be fed well. Drinks were flowing and to mingle with the fashionable, attractive crowd never hurts.

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The Kitchen

Website: http://www.thekitchennyc.com
146 East 44th Street (between Lexington and Third Ave)
New York, NY 10017

Josh Capon of Lure Fishbar
Lure Fishbar’s website: http://lurefishbar.tumblr.com
142 Mercer Street (at Prince St)
New York, NY 10012

Hosted by Rue La La

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