Lucky Rice Festival’s Night Market

Apologies for the extended delay on updating this blog. I’m packing up my bags to get ready for Paris next week and I’m busy with work and eating out a few more places before I jet out from New York City. I’m sorry, my readers.

Near the Archway under the Brooklyn Bridge
They’re setting up

Back on April 30th, I was invited to Lucky Rice’s highly anticipated event (read: SOLD OUT) Night Market at Dumbo’s Archway Under the Brooklyn Bridge. I arrived early to watch vendors setting up and talked to the gregarious and lovable men of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and one of their volunteers, Donny.

Very crowded

Once the event kicked up into high gear, the crowds were already waiting at their registration table and dived into the food fest. Just look through some photos below for some highlights of the evening.

Making traditional Korean sweets Korean sweets
Korean sweets at Korean Cultural Service’s table

I found it quite entertaining to watch an older woman making Korean treats the old-fashioned way. It’s mesmerizing how it comes to form.

Double Crown's Shaved Ice "Sundae Bar" Double Crown's Coconut Chicken
Double Crown’s food

Double Crown isn’t a restaurant I would normally associate with Asian food but they did mix it up.

Christina Tosi
Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar

Christina Tosi of Momouku Milk Bar was at the event, talking to the attendees, both familiar and unfamiliar with her desserts. She’s a sweet person (pun intended).

Kampuchea's pork meatball numpang
Kampuchea’s Numpang

Kampuchea created their pork meatball numpang sandwiches (about the size of sliders). Delicious stuff. Soft bun encasing the pork meatball, shredded carrots, cilantro and a slathering of spicy mayonnaise.

Asiadog's samples
Asiadog samples

Asiadog gave out samples of their unusual combination of toppings like the Chinese dog topped with plum sauce and veggies and Korean dog topped with kimchi and nori.

Crisp Fried Pork Belly, Kimchi and Island Creek Oyster
Setai’s Crispy Fried Pork Belly

The best thing of the entire event was Setai’s crispy fried pork belly. A huge cube of fried pork belly glazed with sugar syrup and topped with spicy kimchi and accompanied with a fresh shucked Creek Island oyster topped with preserved vegetables.

There were 26 vendors in all but those were the ones that I’d enjoy sampling from. Yes, there were some free-flowing booze and a few vendors charged a small fee for their dishes and drinks. The atmosphere did remind me of night markets in Asia: crowded yet convivial and the food was delicious.

For all of my photos of this event, please look through the slideshow below:

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