Lucky Rice Festival’s Opening Night Cocktail Party

Back on Thursday, April 29th, I attended Lucky Rice Festival’s Opening Night Cocktail Party at the Bowery Hotel hosted by Kelly Choi. Being that this was my first time to visit this hotel’s bar, I’m pretty excited as I read it’s spacious and gorgeous venue. (Thanks to Lucky Rice for inviting me to this event.)

By chance, I have met three lovely women, who happened to be food bloggers, Julie of Peek & Eat and Amy of Amy Blogs Chow, and Jessica of Food Mayhem, as we’re all waited on-line and gotten a chance to hang out with them for the night.

One of the Bowery Hotel Bar's Rooms One of the rooms in this HUGE bar

Of the vast number of restaurants and bars, there were 17 of them, you probably might know that I cannot drink my way through. It’s almost impossible but they’re all very tempting to have after a hard day’s work.

Anyway, my particular favorite was Daniel Boulud’s Bar Pleidas‘s White Cosmopolitan. Be mesmerized by its beauty below…

Beautiful orbs of ice
The bartender representing Daniel Pouring the White Cosmopolitan
Daniel Boulud’s Bar Pleidas’ beautiful White Cosmopolitan

Besides its gorgeous orchid encased in an orb of ice, the cocktail was sweet and not overtly floral as I’d imagine it would be. (It also helps to have a dapper bartender who reminds me of a young Andy Garcia.)

Momofuku's drink: Hoarfrost

Momofuku‘s Hoarfrost was pretty darn good too. It’s about half as sweet as Bar Pleidas’ White Cosmopolitan and it’s citrusy.

A ton of mini desserts
Mini desserts

On the food realm, there were a few snacks but Pichet Ong’s Spot Dessert Bar‘s Corn crema with Tropical Fruit Salad & Condensed Milk Toast was really delicious. Smooth, almost creamy panna cotta topped with fresh corn and pineapple mixture and a crunchy toast to contrast textures.

This event was fun, packed with a ton of people, and it was great meeting some people from the food blogging realm.

For more photos of this event, please look through my slideshow below:

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Bowery Hotel’s Bar

335 Bowery
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003 (map)


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