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More thoughts on Cafe Zaiya and red bean paste (orig. posted 9/5/06)

[Translate] Well, if you have read my previous post about Cafe Zaiya, it seemed I was standing in between the boundaries of like and dislike. Today I try confirmed my final thoughts on this much raved Japanese spot. Today, Tuesday, 9/5/06, I purchased the Mini Koshi An Pans (package of 5 for $2.75) and the Pork Cutlet Sandwich ($3.95 for 1 1/2 sandwiches; seen in photo). Both foods were made the day of and it looked appetizing; the problem is that this is a lot of food for me. Thankfully, I have arranged a little meet up for lunch with..

Food (orig. posted 9/2/06)

[Translate] Ok, this blog be about, as indicated for the title, food. Most people, who known me for quite some time, know that I love food. So, this is going to be a little blog of the most recent places I have eaten around. For the past few days (Thursday & Fri), I have been eating the food from Cafe Zaiya, a small Japanese cafe located in Midtown East, on E 41st St between Madison & 5th Ave. This place serves inexpensive food like sushi, bento boxes, sandwiches, Japanese baked goods, and Beard Papa cream puffs. Seating is limited and..