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As a person who love baked goods of any kind, especially cookies, I was curious when I read about stroopwafels around the food blogs as of recent. Stroopwafels are Dutch cookies that are made of thin spiced waffles and filled with caramel. As my intrigue gets the best of me, I Googled what’s available in the New York City area and came across The Good Batch. They are pretty much the sole bakery that makes them fresh and it’s locally made in Brooklyn. This bakery started by Anna Gordon, whose mission is to make the best, fresh Dutch stroopwaffel as well as her own spin of flavor variations. She also bakes other amazing American-inspired cookies, as I’ll explain after the jump. (Please note that her menu changes fairly frequently that some cookies featured here are no longer sold.)

Stroopwafels – Original and Chocolate

Since the stroopwafel is the fundamental cookie for this bakery, it’s certainly addictive. The original is combination of crisp, chewy, sticky and sweet, but not deadeningly so, along with the buttery richness from the caramel. I liked the cinnamon and nutmeg spiced flavor from that cookie. The cocoa caramel has the same richness as the original but the waffle is dark and chocolate-y.

These stroopwaffels are diabolically deceptive – the richness doesn’t hit you all at once, so you think you can eat more, and before you realize it you’ve finished the pack and feel like your stomach can’t take another bite of anything!

Honey Bears with oolong tea
Honey Bears with Oolong tea

For cookies beyond the signature stroopwafel, there are Honey Bears. These chewy, ground oat and peanut sandwich cookies are filled with local honey and sea salt peanut butter. It’s a fairly substantial sandwich cookie that one should satisfy your sweet tooth – unless you’re like me and have to eat more than one.

Oat Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Oat Chocolate Chunk Cookies

As for the oat chocolate chunk cookies, these traditional chewy cookies have a bit of an upscale twist by having a good bit of sea salt sprinkled on top. The salt heightens the flavor profile of the cookie and making it more enjoyable and it’s loaded with oats and chocolate.

If you ever go to the Brooklyn Flea on the weekends, seek out The Good Batch for their delicious cookies.

The Good Batch

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