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Simply Divine Brownies

A dozen brownies in two boxes My chocoholic sweet tooth made me crave brownies and I’m too lazy to whip up a batch of this simple, dark, and not too sweet fudgy goodness at home I looked over to Simply Divine Brownies. As their name states it’s pretty self explanatory. Yes it sounds quite cliché but once you get to eat their brownies you would understand.

Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Cake from Immaculate Confections

During the heatwave that we had in NYC, I was craving cake and booze. Even though I know how to bake cakes and have some liquor to spare, the heat made me feel miserable and lethargic to do anything. After scouring the Internet for a company that does make this kind of product, I stumbled on Immaculate Confections. This company is based in Los Angeles, California and does all baked goods that are liquor infused from simple bundt cakes (large and small), tarts and cheesecakes. There are some non-alcoholic peanut butter brownies and coconut macaroons (not the French macarons; these..

John & Kira’s Chocolate and My Upcoming Vacation

Ladybug & Bee Collection: Chocolate Ladybugs (left/top photo) & Chocolate Caramel Bees (right/bottom photo) I’ve been on a search for a spring/Easter chocolate that both looks adorable and colorful yet has great quality and flavor. I remember hearing about John & Kira’s from a friend recently and many moons ago at the Chocolate Show. Revisiting their chocolates was my breath of chocolate-y spring air. Their adorable Bee + Ladybug collection has all the characteristics I want since they’re cute and beautiful to give as presents to friends and family for the upcoming Easter holiday. I even had fun with those..

The Good Batch – Great Handmade Stroopwafels & Cookies from Brooklyn, NY

Mmmm… Cookies As a person who love baked goods of any kind, especially cookies, I was curious when I read about stroopwafels around the food blogs as of recent. Stroopwafels are Dutch cookies that are made of thin spiced waffles and filled with caramel. As my intrigue gets the best of me, I Googled what’s available in the New York City area and came across The Good Batch. They are pretty much the sole bakery that makes them fresh and it’s locally made in Brooklyn. This bakery started by Anna Gordon, whose mission is to make the best, fresh Dutch..

WA Imports’ Brands – Amazing Japanese Food Products

WA Imports’ brands I stumbled upon WA Imports from shopping once every so often to the museum-like gourmet store (same goes for the prices), Dean & Deluca in the search for unusual marmalades (for spreading on sandwiches, scones, sandwich cookie filling, or serve along on a cheese platter) that D&D stocks frequently. One in particular was from Yakami Orchards yuzu marmalade. I searched for the company’s site and ended up from their importer, WA Imports. This company is an ingredient driven company, partnering with some of the world’s finest artisanal growers and processors that tend to skew toward Japanese brands..

Caviar-centric Dinner from California Caviar

Caviars & Roes from California Caviar A few weeks ago I received a shipment of caviars and roes from California Caviar. This company specializes in sustainable caviar, works with the United States’ top caviar importers, farmers, and purveyors to provide the highest quality sustainable alternatives to luxury food items. They harvest their fish’s roe the time-honored traditional way. Most caviar producers should (if not already) follow this company’s mission as the populations of sturgeon fish are dwindling, which is one of the reasons why I chose to use their caviar for my luxurious dinner. In my overnight box contained: Farmed..

Hippie Chow Granola: Great to Eat Alone and in Ice Cream

I admit having one too many sweets for the past several weeks that my body wants needs something healthy before I send myself into a permanent state of diabetes. I was perusing through several markets and stumbled upon Hippie Chow Granola from Kansas City. They make all-natural granola that doesn’t taste too sweet and not artificial. I ended up having their entire line since I was in a granola kick and try to think of ways to have granola in interesting ways.

Blissful Brownies

Blissful Brownies: Outside and inside the box Going along with my chocolate obsession due to Valentine’s Day (they should consider naming this holiday as Chocolate Day, instead…), I was craving for a good, fudgy brownie and discovered Blissful Brownies from Hood River, Oregon. They use the best, all natural ingredients with no added preservatives. And they are made hand made in small batches so there’s a lot of love and care into each batch they ship out.