I’m Back in NYC…Over A Week Ago

Hello readers! I’m back in NYC over a week ago. I would have written a short post indicating this fact but, uh, I was dying of jet lag. A 12-hour difference and boarding on a 16-hour flight (with insomnia effecting me) doesn’t help my sense of time when I got back home.

Anyhoo, during my 12-day vacation (13 is a full flying/unpacking day), I spent about 7 days in Hong Kong (total; broken into two parts), 1 day in Shenzhen, China and the other 4 in Zhuhai, China and Macau. Yeah, it’s sort of a big southeast Asian trek of LOTS OF EATING and shopping (food and apparel). I never seen that many kitties whenever I wake up in the morning and open my door (in my aunt’s place in HK). Honestly, I never eaten that much food in my entire life – eating out almost every day and night.

Many thanks to my two aunts (in Hong Kong and Zhuhai) and my grandmother being gracious hosts, welcoming me into their homes during my stay and being my food and travel guides. It’s great seeing you all despite the fact it’s been nearly 17 years since I’ve seen you all.

As for my readers, please be patient as I’m slowly editing my vacation photos – food and tourist/family (I’m up to day 9 of 12). Probably I’ll be writing a recent NYC dinner/outing first then proceed with my vacation. Just hang on a few more days and I’ll start writing up.


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