Tapas Dinner at Islero

A few Thursdays ago, I planned a dinner with Ariel to Islero, a new tapas restaurant and bar that’s located in Midtown East. I sort of picked this place just because I wanted to try something different.

Plums & Figs We originally started small since Ariel’s complaining that he ate a fairly heavy lunch at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar. So, I taken it into account and we ordered four dishes and a dessert:

Arroz Cremoso
Sopa de Castanas
Plums & Figs
Peanut Butter Spoons (dessert)

But we ended up having a mini-feast of sorts and having a total of six courses and two desserts – due to the co-owner spotting me with my camera and gave us a few comped dishes.

The added courses did not sway my thoughts on what I thought of this place. Some dishes were good and some were okay. It’s basically a good place to have dinner after work, a casual date, or to eat out with a small group (this space is relatively small and narrow).

Go to my photoset for the food photos and my comments.


247 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022

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  1. thewanderingeater

    Danny: Yeah, I’ve read that several days ago. The restaurant was relatively packed. The food was good, not great. I guess they let her go because they’re not getting that much buzz?

  2. manny

    they let the chef go because she wasn’t consistent … I heard she was great but young and with more experiance she will do great things . That came from one of the horse’s mouth’s so enough with the bitter bus .

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