I’m Finally at Shake Shack

I think I’m one of the last few food bloggers and New Yorkers who ate here at Shake Shack for the first time (it’s shameful, I know). It always made me wonder what’s all the hoopla’s about whenever this place open every single year and now, I know what it’s all about.

It’s about 11:35 AM when I arrived to Shake Shack and I’m starving. Thankfully there was no line, since it’s a bit chilly and it’s cloudy out. Only a local businesswoman ahead of me, not that legendary line that forces one to wait for hours on end to get a darn burger. Anyways, when it’s my turn to order, I wanted a Shackburger ($4.75), a Black & White Milkshake ($5.75), and an order of fries ($2.50). After I paid they gave me this new innovation of sorts, which is their ShackWand. The ShackWand is your notification system that your food is ready and waiting at the window; it’s shaped like a remote and it rings like a cell phone in vibrate mode. Take a look…

The back of the ShackWand

Out of boredom, I flipped to the backside of the ShackWand and saw the above photo’s label. I thought it was funny, well, not really. The line is starting to build up, too…

Go ahead and stare at me, the man with the trench coat…

Taking care of the lunch crowd

About 10 minutes passed when I actually felt my ShackWand buzzing and heard my name to be called out that my order’s ready. Here’s the goods…

The B&W shake is on the back left of the photo

Look at the lovely, crisp French fries

I honestly have to say those fries, as you see above, is probably the best part of the entire meal. It’s perfectly crisp, warm, and it had just enough salt that it’s not too salty nor too bland. Yums.

The Shackburger!

Chomped thrice (meaning 3 times)!

The Shackburger is probably the best burger I’ve tasted so far in the city. It had a good ratio of meat to bun, the veggies were fresh, and it was tasty. I just wished they would cook it medium-rare instead of medium-well.

The Black & White shake was ok.

It’s not as thick as Stand’s shake, which is what I really liked from there. It also lacked flavor. Not to say that it’s bland but no real flavors stuck out that indicate there was a chocolate ice cream (or custard they use here) and vanilla. It’s just…eh, and high in calories, say 1,000 for that cup. Probably, I’ll just order their custard separately and have water on the side.

Before I left Madison Square Park (it’s about 12 PM), the line is insanely long!

Part 1…

Part 2…

Finally, the end of the line.

I think it stayed this long around 1 PM, when I passed through the park as I walked uptown. Thankfully, I beat the crowds…

So there you have it, my first experience at Shake Shack is actually good but not mind-blowing greatness. I need to find and try more burger places. I know there’s the Burger Joint on 57th Street, amongst a TON of other places, any suggestions are welcome.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park
at Madison Ave near 23rd & 24th Street
New York, NY


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