Turkish Lunch at Fat Prince (Singapore)

Bar area Turkish coffee

As one would generally expect, Singapore is a city-country that is multicultural, diverse and cosmopolitan. I was craving fresh Mediterranean food (not like I have an issue with local Singaporean fare but want a change for that moment) so Fat Prince was my answer for lunch.

Fat Prince is a lovely cafe to have a calm meal. During the time I’ve visited there, it was a mix of a locals having a relaxing meal and a few small groups of nearby office workers having lunch together. The lunch menu is tightly edited to mezzes and about six or seven kebabs that you may share. 

My friends and I started with cups of really bold, Turkish style coffee. I needed that intense pick-me-up that day that worked wonders. We also shared a pot of rose tea that was highly recommended; what I liked was the gentle sweetness and it wasn’t too floral.

Avocado and kale tabbouleh Trio of kebabs - pork, beef, lamb shoulder

I was obsessed with their avocado and kale tabbouleh. It’s a grain salad that I wouldn’t mind eating for lunch everyday. It’s clean, flavorful and there’s lots of different textures going on that make it an interesting salad.

The pumpkin seed acuka is something I don’t see often and it’s a delicious dip that is nutty, vegetally sweet and savory with a touch of smoky flavor from the paprika mixed in there.

The kebabs were definitely something you should order, especially the lamb shoulder, and they all presented like a taco except you would have a warm, soft pita bread instead of a tortilla. The lamb shoulder was incredibly tender and flavorful especially with the bright parsley sauce, fresh cucumber and the juicy, tart pomegranate arils. The Saganaki prawn with cashew, parsley, and smoked tomato was flavorful and had a good ratio of prawn to the toppings. The weekly special kebab when we were there was a beef topped with parsley and onion. 

The fried smoked pepper squid was good but I was hoping it would have a crispier crust but the smoky pepper flavor was on point. 

We finished the meal sharing the halva pudding topped with pistachio streusel and fresh oranges. The pudding was so dense and creamy without being too sweet. The streusel added the lovely crunchy texture and touch of sweetness and spice and the fresh orange segments added some needed acidity and freshness. I really enjoyed this one.

Overall the lunch was very good and hits the spot of what I was craving. It’s gives you bright and bold flavored Mediterranean food in a lovely setting in the Financial District.

Halva pudding, pistachio streusel, fresh oranges [alpine-phototile-for-flickr src=”set” uid=”26389565@N00″ sid=”72157706580642061″ imgl=”flickr” shuffle=”1″ style=”gallery” row=”4″ grwidth=”1200″ grheight=”800″ size=”640″ num=”30″ shadow=”1″ border=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]


Fat Prince

Official Website
48 Peck Seah St
Singapore 079317
Phone: +65 6221 7794


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