Federal Donuts & Dizengoff (Miami, FL)

Large chicken and donut mural on the wall and ceiling
Hot & Fresh donuts - Strawberry lavender, cinnamon brown sugar, cafe con leche

Sometimes there’s moments when I feel Miami is the warmer, cleaner, and artsy version of New York City where snowbirds and young people around my age flock down here for the winter or even as a long term change in life from the cold, frigid city for the warmer climes.

At any rate, there are two relatively recent imports from Philadelphia – Federal Donuts and Dizengoff. There is a location on the latter in New York City’s Chelsea Market and I’ve been to Federal Donuts in Philly a few years back. Both restaurants in Miami are as good as the mentioned locations but in a cooler, colorful muraled location of Wynwood and they are next door to each other.

The donuts offered at Federal Donuts were delicious. Not too large, not too small and the “hot and fresh” are literally made a la minute that it arrives to you blisteringly hot and heavily coated in its own flavored sugars. The strawberry lavender was bright and fruity. The cinnamon brown sugar really made me think of churros and the cafe con leche had a potent coffee flavor. The cups of coffee here were dependably good (not too acidic and not too dark and brooding).

Our half dozen of fancy doughnuts - Passion Fruit Poppy, Triple Chocolate, Churro, Crumberry, Cookies n Cream

The fancy donuts were great. The glazes were not too sweet and of the bunch, I adored the passion fruit poppy for the bright, tangy fruit and the poppy’s inherent floral flavors. The crumberry was also very good because of the acidic, red fruit flavors to contrast the fluffy, fried rings of dough. Mind you, I do like their chocolate based flavors (cookies and cream and triple chocolate) but I prefer it in other pastries than on donuts.

Fried chicken sandwich

If you do stop by Federal Donuts by 11:00 AM, they have fried chicken for lunch. The fried chicken sandwich is a beauty. Soft, squishy potato bun being the perfect vessel for the crisp yet moist fried chicken. The pickles were perfect and the spicy sauce as well.

Making fresh pita
Classic Tehina hummus with fresh made pita, chopped cucumber tomato salad and cauliflower pickles

If you’re feeling Israeli/Mediterranean fare but in a casual setting, head next door to Dizengoff, where hummus is not just a dip, it is the main course. Obviously, there’s fresh baked pita served with each artfully plated bowl of silky, flavorful hummus.

Platantito hummus with fresh made pita, chopped cucumber tomato salad and cauliflower pickles

The platantito hummus is the restaurant’s nod to its adopted home. The soft, sweet plantains, crunchy chopped nuts and cilantro with the silky hummus was a wonderful blend of the two cultures.

Sundays only special - Shakshuka with za'tar topped pita
Sundays only special - Shakshuka with za'tar topped pita

While the shakshuka is a regular menu item in its New York location, it’s a Sunday special for Miami. Either way, this was a bright, spicy dish with the perfect runny egg yolk on top. This was a great dish to have since it was oddly chilly when we were in Miami.

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Federal Donuts Miami

250 NW 24th St
Miami, FL 33127
Phone: (305) 573-9393

Dizengoff (Miami)
250 NW 24th St
Miami, FL 33127
Phone: (305) 573-9292