Good Doughnuts at Blackbird Donuts (Boston, MA)

I’ve recently visited Boston last weekend meeting my dearest’s friends and see the hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts (where we ended up eating and hanging out most of the time). This will start the series of posts related to this weekend trip.


Artisan doughnuts is a huge trend that’s been going on the for the past few years. Boston is certainly not immune to it and have a few artisan doughnut shops springing up.

One of the places we stopped by is Blackbird Doughnuts is located on Boston’s South End. It’s a small take-out shop outfitted with white brick walls, walnut countertops, a large hanging menu behind the counter, and a charming birdcage chandelier.

Our box of doughnuts

We shared a box of seven doughnuts ($3 each): Boston Cream, Blueberry Cake, Mocha Chip, Triple Chocolate Cake, Rooftop Honey, Berry Jam Bismark, and Blackberry Currant. They were generally good though most were on the sweeter side of what I prefer but stuck true to the flavors that are stated for each doughnut. We did like how light the yeast risen doughnuts were but slightly disappointed how thin the custard was for the Boston Cream (at least it wasn’t too sweet). The cake doughnuts were plenty moist; the triple chocolate cake was like eating a fudgy brownie.

The best doughnut is the rooftop honey. It’s what I dream of having as a yeast-risen honey doughnut. The honey glaze tasted like pure floral honey just heated and had the doughnut taking a dip. The doughnut itself is tender, fluffy and light with a slight chew.

I was tempted to have their ice cream doughnut sandwich but I’m having a hard time considering it since it was 9:00am and it’s not sweltering hot enough for me to justify that kind of indulgence that early.

For more photos, please CLICK HERE for the complete set or see below:

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Blackbird Doughnuts

Official Website
492 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: +1 (617) 482-9000


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