Recap of New York Taste 2013

New York Taste 2013
Chef George Mendes of Aldea Chef Dominique Ansel - Chocolate caviar served with coffee caramel cream and sablé cookie
Chef Jonathan Benno of Lincoln Ristorante
New York Magazine’s Taste 2013; Chef George Mendes (Aldea); Chef Dominique Ansel (Dominique Ansel Bakery); Chef Jonathan Benno (Lincoln Ristorante)

This year’s New York Taste held on Monday, November 11th at The Waterfront Building in Chelsea. It’s hosted by New York‘s Culinary Editor Gillian Duffy featured the city’s most respected chefs (like chefs Mendes, Ansel, and Benno, photographed above) and mixologists (a total of 40). A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to City Harvest to help fight hunger. As usual, this shindig was fun especially with a live band playing.

Clover Club - Port of Call Pegu Club - Apple Jack Cobbler

Some of the most memorable drinks served that evening was the Clover Club‘s Port of Call, a dry, tart cocktail made of gin, ruby port, lemon juice, cinnamon bark syrup, dash of aromatic bitters, and cranberry preserves, and Pegu Club‘s delicious and smooth, spicy-sweet, very fall appropriate cocktail called theApplejack Cobbler. It’s a combination of Lairds Applejack, bittersweet Punt e Mes, and apple schnapps creates a spicy-sweet base mixed with cranberry sauce, tangy pomegranate molasses, and fresh orange juice.

Balaboosta - Fried shrimp with kanafeh Costata - Razor clam crudo with fennel and soppressata
Maisono - Fluke Ceviche with Spicy Red Yuzu Juice
Balaboosta’s fried shrimp; Costata’s razor clam crudo; Maison O’s fluke ceviche

Some of our favorite bites were Balaboosta‘s satisfyingly crispy fried shrimp wrapped in katafi served with a tart yogurt sauce and Costata‘s sophisticated bite of razor clam crudo, and the bracing, acidic, and vibrant fluke ceviche with spicy red yuzu juice.

Porter House New York - Prime New York strip steak, mushroom, beets, pickled onion panzanella

For the carnivores, there were generous slices of prime New York strip steak served with pickled onion panzanella, mushroom and beets from Porter House New York.

Ed's Chowder House - Seared Skuna Bay Salmon Grain salad with beets and horseradish
Ed’s Chowder House – Seared Skuna Bay Salmon Grain salad

For a healthy yet hearty dish, Ed’s Chowder House served up seared Skuna Bay Salmon with grain salad, beets and horseradish that was clean yet satisfying.

Aquavit - Swedish candies
Dominique Ansel Bakery - Chocolate caviar served with coffee caramel cream and sablé cookie
FP Patisserie - Miniature pastries High Road Craft Ice Cream - Cinnamon-Cheddar Grilled Brioche with Cortland Apple Butter and High Road Vanilla Fleur de Sel
Chocolate caviar with coffee caramel on sablé cookie (Dominique Ansel Bakery); Miniature patisseries (FP Patisserie); Cinnamon-Cheddar Grilled Brioche with Cortland Apple Butter and Vanilla Fleur de Sel (High Road Craft Ice Cream)

There were lots of desserts to try and the one we were most excited for was from Dominique Ansel Bakery, serving up chocolate caviar served with coffee caramel cream and sablé cookie. These were inventive with the use of textures of the “chocolate caviar” and the creamy caramel cream with the sandy sablé. I liked how it’s not so sweet.

The other intriguing dessert was from the artisan ice cream brand High Road Craft plating (a bit slowly since their line was built up quite a bit) the cinnamon-cheddar grilled brioche with Cortland apple butter and vanilla fleur de sel. This particular dessert sounded unusual but it vaguely reminds me of a cheddar apple pie but it’s a warm, crispy meets fluffy brioche crust instead of a pie crust. It does taste good.

Other desserts were a large spread of Swedish candies from Aquavit and Francois Payard’s FP Patisserie served up various bonbons and miniature pastries.

To view more photos of these event, please view the slideshow below (or CLICK HERE):

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