Pasteleria Hofmann (Barcelona, Spain)

Entrance to Pasteleria Hofmann
Large wedding cake Passion fruit jams
Entrance to Pasteleria Hoffman; Large wedding cake display and jars of passion fruit jams

One of our mornings in Barcelona, we wandered around Barcelona near our apartment in the Born district, in search of breakfast and stumbled on this random (most of Barcelona felt and looked like a maze of narrow streets and alleys) bakery, Pasteleria Hofmann.

This bakery is set up to look like a quaint bakery from the 1950s, bringing some vague notion of nostalgia. Rustic wooden shelves and tables set with marble slabs and topped with decorative wedding cakes and stand mixers and toward the back are refrigerated display cases filled with cakes and pastries.


What I realized was (after the fact) this bakery is considered one of the best within the city, especially for its croissants. We had a plain croissant (1,25€) and thought it’s very buttery and fresh but not it’s not as shattering crisp like we had in Bubó. I wish I had the stomach capacity to order more various croissants (I recalled seeing one type topped with crushed dried raspberries glazed with icing) but we had a large dinner the night before.

Pastel de nata

The pastel de nata (1,30€ each) reminded me of my vacation to Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast China in 2009 (here’s my photo of that fresh baked tart. Macau was a former Portuguese colony hence the Portuguese influences on the Chinese cuisine in that particular region.

Hofmann’s version was nicely buttery, caramelized and flaky but it would be a lot better when it’s served piping hot or very warm like what I had in Macau.

Fig and almond tart (large size)

Before we left, we had to have the large fig and almond tart (8€) to bring back to our apartment. This tart was moist and dense tart, as it’s packed with ground almonds and the figs were caramelized enough that it enhanced it’s sweetness.

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Pasteleria Hofmann

Carrer de Flassaders, 44
08003 Barcelona
Phone: 93 268 82 21


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