Woolwich Dairy’s Amazing Goat’s Milk Cheeses

My assortment of goat's milk cheeses
Goat’s milk cheeses!

I love a good goat’s milk cheese. I adore it’s floral, slightly goaty sweeter flavor compared to cow’s milk cheeses.

I managed to receive a shipment of goat’s milk cheeses from Woolwich Dairy up in Ontario, Canada, containing seven of their goat’s milk cheeses. Their Chevrai or chevrè (the ones I had were the original, honey vanilla, roasted garlic, and fine herbs) were like eating goat cheese clouds but smearable. They’re great simply alone with some toasted baguette or the amazing chicken with herbed goat cheese recipe that Ina Garten made (recipe found here) on her show. The goat milk mozzarella would make an excellent (and interesting) homemade pizza. Their wonderful roasted red bell pepper goat cheese was a winner in one of my recent dinner parties that every creamy bit was cleanly scraped off from my cheese board.

Triple Creme Goat Brie
Triple Crème Brie

Even though all of Woolwich Dairy’s cheeses are impeccably good, the one that really stole my heart was the Triple Crème goat’s milk brie. It’s almost over the top creamy and luscious (because it’s triple cream) yet it had enough structure from the rind. If you want to go crazy with this decadent brie, you can bake it in parchment paper, filled with local honey and almonds (the latter is optional, if you don’t like almonds or any nut).

Though I still have quite a bit of goat’s milk cheese, I’ll be thinking of other recipes to cook or bake with them.

For more photos of the cheeses, please view my slideshow below:

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Woolwich Dairy

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