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Lucky Rice Festival’s Opening Night Cocktail Party

[Translate] Back on Thursday, April 29th, I attended Lucky Rice Festival’s Opening Night Cocktail Party at the Bowery Hotel hosted by Kelly Choi. Being that this was my first time to visit this hotel’s bar, I’m pretty excited as I read it’s spacious and gorgeous venue. (Thanks to Lucky Rice for inviting me to this event.) By chance, I have met three lovely women, who happened to be food bloggers, Julie of Peek & Eat and Amy of Amy Blogs Chow, and Jessica of Food Mayhem, as we’re all waited on-line and gotten a chance to hang out with them..

Meet-Up Dinner (Sort of) at The Meatball Shop

[Translate] Interior: The dining room (left) and down the bar (right) About a week ago, I had dinner with an old friend, Michael and meeting a new one, one of NY Times’ freelance photographers, Evan Sung at the Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side. A casual, fun, nostalgic meal that’s causing quite a media stir that specializes on their namesake – meatballs. Entering the small, already bustling restaurant at 6:45 PM, one would see the aged-looking walls decorated in black and white portraits and vintage kitchen tools (like hand-cranked meat grinders) and a tinned ceiling. Two-top tables strewn against..


[Translate] My dear readers, probably if you read my blog long enough to know the essence of my eating habits most of my diet would compose of approximately 50% meat (preferably pork), 30% complex carbohydrates (as in noodles and rice), the remaining 20% miscellaneous (drinks, coffee, desserts, etc.). For the past month or so, all the buzz has been around Baohaus. Prodding around their site and reading Chef/Owner Eddie Huang’s own blog, I like his style (he said “PORK FAT IS FOREVER” and the meats are red cooked (meaning, braised in a flavorful, aromatic broth containing soy sauce, brown sugar,..

Dinner at Kuma Inn

[Translate] [Here's my long overdue post on my birthday dinner at Kuma Inn that's taken place on November 7th.] Kuma Inn’s Entrance and Interior After having [cref my-birthday-celebration-part-1-cakes-drinks-and-fried-hot-dogs a cocktail at PDT], we (as in Helen, Giulia, Seungmi, and I) all walked down south to the Lower East Side for Asian tapas at Kuma Inn. Since it’s a relatively small group than what I’ve originally planned on, I didn’t bother with reservations even though it’s a Friday night. (more…)

Brunch at Shopsin’s

[Translate] Jeebus, the LINE! On weekends when I don’t have to necessarily rush to go anywhere, I like to take my sweet ol’ time going to brunch with a friend or a few (if it’s possible) but I managed to have Helen fairly last minute. I know I’m admitting something relatively shocking but I have never been to Shopsin’s before my visit two Saturdays ago. Yes! Mock me, why don’t you?! As a native New Yorker who’s never eaten here, I know it’s a relative shame despite reading about Shopsin for years. Back to the story… I arrived to Shopsin’s..

Throwing a Dessert Party for My Office

[Translate] Last Friday, my co-workers, scientists who are way more important than me, wanted to throw a dessert party. They bestowed upon me a mission to get sweets sometime before the summer ends. I’ve brainstormed a bit thinking what can appeal to most people and the most obvious one was cupcakes. What better place to get inexpensive (I’m on a certain budget), consistently good cupcakes than Sugar Sweet Sunshine. CUPCAKES (more…)

Merkato 55 and Boozy Outings

[Translate] On Friday, I managed to get myself out of bed and my house in this dreadfully cold, white, and snowy morning. When I heard that it’s going to snow for the past several days, I was thinking it’s just an inch or two, no biggie. Except when I stepped out of my door it looked like this… LOTS OF SNOW! As I trudged myself through the now slushy sidewalks of Manhattan to work, I almost felt inclined to cancel my dinner with Ariel at Merkato 55. Except I didn’t just because I don’t want to suffer another uneventful weekend..

Happy New Year! And my dinner at WD-50

[Translate] I wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Jeebus, time flew so quickly… I’ll probably write a review of the past year soon, say, on the day of the new year? I’m not too sure on that. If not, I have a more personal post to write about anyways. Going back to Friday night, I went to WD-50 with Ariel for dinner since he’s particularly intrigued with molecular gastronomy and Chef Wylie Dufrense since he’s the only person in New York who really does this particular style of cooking. And the fact that he likes food that has weird flavor combinations...

Late Snacks at Stanton Social

[Translate] Over the weekend, I wanted to go brunching for some reason. Maybe because of feeling restless from sitting on my butt in front of my laptop writing papers ENDLESSLY or studying from law textbooks just makes me want to blind myself? Possibly… So, for a few days before Saturday, I’ve contacted my almost dependable fooding friend, Ariel to ask if he wants to have brunch? After exchanging e-mails infrequently that I known practically last minute where and when we’re meeting. Thanks to my iPod Touch’s WiFi capability, I got the message before leaving the city and abandon Ariel. Anyways,..