US Open 2016 #FlavorOfTheOpen

Arthur Ashe Stadium
Left to right: Ed Brown, David Burke, David Chang and Tony Mantuano
Masaharu Morimoto singing a Japanese fisherman's song (with Tony Mantauano and Ken Oringer laughing)

Thus year’s food program US Open is arguably the best one this year since the US Open have invited Chefs David Chang and Ken Oringer to add some fun and a different kind of creativity to the veteran chefs who have been creating and feeding the attendees and tennis players for the past few years (and a very select few, decades). During the panel discussion (the photos of the chefs you see above), the highlight was Chef Morimoto belting out a Japanese fisherman song since he claimed he can sing than play tennis well.

Our shrimp cocktails with avocado
Bacon on a clothesline by Chef David Burke, BLT Prime

The signature cocktail of Grey Goose Honey Deuece is always the sweet, fruity and refreshing mainstay. The Mexican inspired shrimp cocktail by Ken Oringer was delicious. Large shrimp and the gently spicy cocktail sauce and creamy avocado puree. The playful bacon on a clothesline and tuna tartare are one of the few new offerings from Chef David Burke.

Fuku spicy fried chicken bacon ranch sandwich by Chef David Chang
Fuku fried spicy chicken sandwich by Chef David Chang

David Chang brought his fried chicken sandwich concept, Fuku to the Open. We really enjoyed Fuku’s staltwart fried spicy chicken sandwich (and of course, you must add some of the smoky ssäm sauce).

But the most notable thing is the debut of the “McEnroe”, a spicy fried chicken topped with bacon and ranch between a squishy, soft potato bun. Man, it was awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing. The issue is, this particular sandwich is only available at the US Open stand. Nowhere else. (Insert sad face)

Huge tray of sushi by Morimoto

As usual, Chef Morimoto brought out his delectable sushi and sashimi.

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US Open

Flushing Meadow – Corona Park
Flushing, NY 11368


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