Good Fortune Restaurant (Flushing, NY)

Interior Our first round of food

This past Saturday my parents, younger brother and I managed to meet up for dinner at Good Fortune Restaurant in Flushing, Queens. Since everyone is grown up and have their own schedules, it’s harder for us to meet up as I’m busy with work (hello, board meetings), my CPA accountant brother with tax season, and my parents (well, they are always busy).

Good Fortune is a banquet hall style restaurant that serves very solid Cantonese food. It’s in the sweet spot of being casual that most families are able to go out there every week (and there’s a large daily specials menu that makes it quite affordable) but upscale enough that there’s large private rooms for weddings are being held there fairly often.

Double lobsters

We opted for delicious double lobsters that were stir fried perfectly. Tender, sweet stir fried chunks of fresh lobster lightly coated in sauce.

"Three Yellow" Free Range Chicken (三黄鸡)

The “Three Yellow” free-range chicken (三黄鸡) is a good dish of steamed chicken. The chicken is naturally bred to be that yellow and this particular species is normally found in Guangdong, China. It’s a lean bird but it does taste like chicken, unlike the mega market birds that taste like nothing.

Steamed freshwater bass (鲈鱼)

The steamed freshwater sea bass was our favorite despite it being cooked in a minimalist manner. Steam the fish until it’s cooked, garnish of julienne fresh ginger and scallions, add pour smoking hot oil on top with a splash of soy for salt. It makes you appreciate the delicate sweetness of the fish.

Lamb belly casserole

The lamb belly casserole was a pretty cute set up with a mini wok and small burner to keep its contents warm. The casserole contains chunks of tender lamb belly, silky yuba, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots with bright gree spinach on the bottom of the pan. It’s a very hearty, comforting stew that begs to be eaten with a bowl of rice, which we did.

Steamed eel with black bean sauce and Tianjin preserved vegetable (冬菜)

The steamed eel with black bean sauce and Tianjin preserved vegetable was good but it’s slightly flawed in regards with not having enough salt and the eels were too small and bony than what we’re anticipating.

Charcoal grilled beef short ribs

My mother went a little nuts and ordered the platter of charcoal grilled beef short ribs since she’s worried us kids were still hungry. These ribs were pleasantly chewy, had a decent amount of meat and a nice smoky flavor.

Sweet ending: Red bean and tapioca tong sui and sliced fresh oranges

Like any Chinese banquet style meal, we finished off with bowls of red bean and tapioca tong sui and fresh oranges as dessert.

Overall this meal was very satisfying. The daily specials menu makes it may give diners a reason to visit often enough since every day would have different items that are fresh from the market but affordable.

Good Fortune Restaurant

46-45 Kissena Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11355
Telephone: (718) 888-8998