U.S. Open’s Tasting Preview 2012

Exiting the US Open Chefs David Burke, Masaharu Morimoto, Tony Mantuano, and Jim Abbey
The U.S. Open; Chefs Burke, Morimoto, Mantuano, and Abbey who helped created the U.S. Open’s restaurants’ menus

This is the second year I’ve been honored to be at the U.S. Open’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, attending their tasting preview of the venue’s menus (consisting of 5 restaurants and 60 concession stands). Compared to last year’s, this year is more focused on seasonal, local foods, as the organization is trying to embrace their Green Initiatives. The majority of the celebrity chefs, Masaharu Morimoto, Tony Mantuano and Jim Abbey were repeats of assisting creating the menu. Chef David Burke is the new chef involved in this particular project.

Morimoto's beautiful sashimi platterGrilled steak on potato with arugula
Grilled salmon, black sesame seeds with summer salad Cocktails
Some of the food tasted at the preview: Morimoto’s sashimi, Burke’s grilled steak on potato, grilled salmon with seasonal vegetables, and U.S. Open-themed cocktails

All of the plates of tried were delicious. It’s notably a lot more seafood and vegetable focused than last year and the exquisite Champagne is by Moët & Chandon.

Moët & Chandon Terrace's Bar
At Moët & Chandon Terrace The view from Moët & Chandon Terrace

Speaking of which, Moët & Chandon has its own terrace bar downstairs from ACES Restaurant, serving their wonderful bubbly.

The U.S. Open officially starts on Monday, August 27, 2012 and that’s when you’re really able to eat and drink these tasty items there, while in between watching the tournament.

To view more of my photos of this tasting, please scroll through the slideshow below (or click through my Flickr set):

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