Soft Peaks Ice Cream (Vancouver, B.C.)

Counter area

Soft Peaks is a fairly new, all-natural, organic soft serve ice cream in the historical neighborhood of Gastown in Vancouver started by two brothers, Dan and Ken Kim.

The Kims use Avalon organic milk with a touch of sweetness to get their all-natural creamy soft-serve. Soft Peaks’ ice cream has a milk-forward flavor that is delicately sweet. Customers can use the toppings available to enhance the sweetness level to their own taste or go along with the signature sundae lineup.

Sunrise in California - Yuzu marmalade, semi dried orange slice on signature soft serve

We adored were the Asian inspired sundaes that are part of their line up like the Sunrise in California. The bright, citrus-y flavors of yuzu marmalade that’s drizzled and mixed along the sweet milky soft serve. The semi-dried orange slice on top made it look cheery and it does add some chewy texture to the creamy dessert.

Green Forest - Organic Premium Matcha powder, sweet red beans, and condensed milk on top

The Green Forest is a Japanese inspired sundae of having their plain soft serve dusted in matcha green tea powder and mixed with the small dollops of sweet tsubuan (or chunky) adzuki red bean paste. This concoction reminds me of the various ice creams I’ve had in Hong Kong or Tokyo and it was delicious!

Soft Peaks

25 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1B2, Canada
Phone:+1 604-559-2071


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