The Return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and some inside info)

New Yorkers, we can rejoice for the return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! I did miss the first time Doug Quint, the one of the owners of BGICT, when he did graced his presence at Union Square two weeks ago. To those of you who are not familiar with Doug and Bryan’s truck, they’re the awfully funny and cool guys who run a Mr. Softee truck that’s pretty much an anti-Mr. Softee, if that made sense.

Yes, they do sell the traditional shakes, soft serve with the dips, nuts, and/or sprinkles but, when you visit this truck you want their unusual, over-the-top sundaes.

The Popular and Awesome, Doug Quint
The ever popular, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck around 6:50 PM

Thankfully, I did have the time to visit him after work and I’ve brought along a convert to taste his crazy yet amazing concoctions.

Bea Arthur Cone Bea Arthur Cone, bitten
Bea Arthur Cone

Earlier before my best friend made it to the BGICT, I had the “Salty Pimp”, made of vanilla soft serve, drizzled around with dulce de leche syrup, sprinkled with sea salt and dipped in a crisp, chocolate shell. If you love the salty-sweet interplay in your dessert, ask for extra salt. You’ll love it.

As for the “Bea Arthur,” pictured above that my best friend had, it’s a vanilla soft serve, drizzled with dulce de leche syrup and coated in Nilla wafer cookie crumbs. I took a bite and it was very good as well. Creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with the sweetness of the dulce and a subtle crunchiness of the Nilla wafer cookies. My best friend was enamored with it. Mr. Quint has now a new follower.

For a little bit of insider information, Doug has informed me that he’s planning on making new sundae concoctions, one was involving with vanilla soft serve, ground espresso beans and bananas (crazy but I’m willing to try it once he’s willing to release it to the public) and if you do visit the Union Square Greenmarket and came across the cider donuts from one of the vendors and utilizing it with his soft serve. Vague information and he is teasing all of us, but when he’s kicking it into high gear during the summer season, we will all see his new lineup of his mad scientist-like ice cream creations.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Northwest corner of Broadway & E 17th Street (usually in front of Pret A Manger)
New York, NY (map; website; Twitter for the best way to track them down)


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