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Australian-Style Pies at Pie Face

Exterior and Interior of Pie Face; Savory and Sweet Pies I’m a big fan of pies. I don’t care if it’s sweet or savory. I’ll eat them all. This lead me to the Australian-based bakery Pie Face in Midtown West, about a block from the Sullivan Theater. Inside this corner bakery, you’ll be seeing a lot of adorable smiley faces (or cute semi-frowns), as it’s the company’s way of deciphering the seven different flavors of pies. The flavors are globally influenced but some are familiar. There were sandwiches, wraps, and soups but I was there mostly for the pies. (more…)

Alliance Bakery, Chicago – Bakery Meets Pâtisserie

Alliance Bakery’s Exterior, Old-school neon sign, One of its display cases Alliance Bakery located in Wicker Park, Chicago looks like an old-school American bakery with its neon sign but it’s a bakery as well as a pâtisserie. This two-personality bakery, so to speak,  is owned by Peter Rios. Mr. Rios was trained as a hotel pastry chef (his previous title and employer before owning this bakery was Executive Pastry Chef at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago) and had his skills sharpened by working through many well known pâtisseries and in France like Ladurée and won a number of awards in..

il laboratorio del gelato

Neon sign of the gelateria; Gelato; Espresso and coffee machines Back in 2002, when artisan ice creams started to hit its stride in New York City Jon Snyder proprietor of Il Laboratorio del Gelato was located at a tiny storefront at Orchard Street. If you recall a post from The New York Times last year, he moved to a much larger space, at 3,300 square feet, to make the retail portion of his business a bit more comfortable for his customers and opening later hours. There’s also more flavors available from 30 to 50 flavors. (If you ever visited the..

Mille-feuille Bakery

The storefront, Interior and Menu I went to Mille-feuille with a friend to try out their baked goods last Thursday. I guess after visiting Paris last year, I’m missing that beautiful city terribly and had the odd pining for French pastries. And Mille-feuille was my next stop in hopes of making me transporting me to Paris and satiate my sweet tooth. (more…)

Lunch from Taïm Mobile Truck

Taïm is my favorite and often mentioned falaferie in NYC and have been eating there for years off-the-record (as in not photographed/blogged). Something’s in those crispy orbs of ground chickpeas are magical (possibly crack?); it’s not dense nor greasy. Their smoothies lean on the unusual side when it comes to flavors (for me, it’s a good thing) such as strawberry and Thai basil or their signature flavor, date, lime and banana. Around spring of 2010, I read around that Taïm’s rolling out their food truck. When I read that, I can imagine every Taïm fan in New York City rejoicing..

The Return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and some inside info)

New Yorkers, we can rejoice for the return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! I did miss the first time Doug Quint, the one of the owners of BGICT, when he did graced his presence at Union Square two weeks ago. To those of you who are not familiar with Doug and Bryan’s truck, they’re the awfully funny and cool guys who run a Mr. Softee truck that’s pretty much an anti-Mr. Softee, if that made sense. Yes, they do sell the traditional shakes, soft serve with the dips, nuts, and/or sprinkles but, when you visit this truck you..

Amazing Coffee…But Quite A Trek: Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Counter & Japanese-Slow drip devices Coffee… My love. My addiction. One of my very few beverage obsessions. Coffee is my alcoholic drink, so to speak. I do love my Joes, Ninth Street Espresso, Abraço, and Stumptown, but a girl needs a change once in a while. I remembered reading recently Blue Bottle Coffee Company from San Francisco, California, opened a few weeks ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Admittedly, I should go to Brooklyn more often these days but it is a pain for me to hightail back to my house in Queens.) (more…)

Epic Eating – Momofuku Milk Bar, Everyman Espresso, Bouchon Bakery, and Gus & Gabriel

Originally taken place on July 3, 2009. The first part is from Ssam Bar’s prix fixe lunch (it started with the beef tendon dish). I didn’t have the intention of stuffing my face with a ton of Momofuku food that day… Burnt honey + mustard croissant?! But Seungmi was hungry and wanted something to eat. I was presuming Helen was coming downtown from work and Seungmi never went to any of the Momofuku places, I might as well introduce her to the “lighter” fare of

Egg tarts, dumplings, chocolate dumplings and more…

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I want some Chinese food.” Obviously being in New York, that means Chinatown. So, before I left my house I just grab a cup of coffee and a banana, in hopes of stuffing myself with good Chinese food. The problem with the morning commute is that I haven’t been to Chinatown in a loong time, as in the last time I’ve written about Chinatown was about 2 months ago, long. So, I’ve lost my way there wandering around the streets trying to figure out where the heck are the three spots..