Amazing Coffee…But Quite A Trek: Blue Bottle Coffee Company

Counter Japanese slow-drip devices
Counter & Japanese-Slow drip devices

Coffee… My love. My addiction. One of my very few beverage obsessions. Coffee is my alcoholic drink, so to speak. I do love my Joes, Ninth Street Espresso, Abraço, and Stumptown, but a girl needs a change once in a while.

I remembered reading recently Blue Bottle Coffee Company from San Francisco, California, opened a few weeks ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Admittedly, I should go to Brooklyn more often these days but it is a pain for me to hightail back to my house in Queens.)

Coffee menu of the week
Coffee menu of the week

Getting back to the story, entering upon this roomy, warehouse-like coffee shop, I perused through the simple menu and am pleased to know that they make one-sized cups of coffee. As usual, I ordered a cappuccino.

Taking in the atmosphere, it’s simply set up. One large communal table that you would stand at, to drink or read your newspaper or work on your laptop, a large shelf stocked with coffee cups, filters and other merchandise and the statement portion of this wall was the Japanese slow-drip devices that were meant to make your cup of iced coffee. I would love to see that machine in action even though it looks like a mad scientist left behind his lab equipment behind.


When my ordered was called up, I took a sip and was immediately in love. Full-bodied, robust, almost nutty-berry nuanced, cappuccino with a good ratio of milk froth to espresso. Sweet jeebus, I wish this shop was closer to my house or at least in Manhattan. I would wholeheartedly come back out here if I need that special hit of espresso.

Blue Bottle Coffee Company

160 Berry Street (North Fifth Street)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (map; website)


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