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Bar/Interior Interior/Bar area

A week ago, I went to Lucky Rice‘s Press Preview party at the just opened, one of the highly anticipated restaurants to open (hey, we waited for two years for this to open), Fatty ‘Cue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I met a few well established bloggers like Jeff of Always Hungry and Marc of No Recipes, the genial people of Lucky Rice, and surprisingly later on the evening, celebrity chefs Daniel Boulud, Anita Lo, Pichet Ong, and of course, the gracious host and owner himself, Zakary Pellacio.

When you walk into this small restaurant, the atmosphere feels rustic. Low white ceiling in the main dining room, copper tin wall on one side as the side where the bar is, has exposed brick. It screams casual, where one can hang loose. Actually, the food I ate does reflect the mantra about being casual. You shouldn’t be shy to use your bare hands eat your food.

Here’s a few highlights of what I thought was the best or interesting of the bunch I’ve tried that evening:

Trio of cocktails

Here’s a few of the cocktails available that evening (here’s their drink menu). Of the three that’s shown above, the Foreplay (go ahead, snicker away; the drink in the center) was relatively sweet with a good punch of alcohol and the Dark & Stormy, shown on the far right, was the popular drink amongst the males who attended. The South 6th Street, on the left, was refreshing. Think Sprite citrusy but not as saccharine and potent with spirits.


Onto the real food, Clams ‘Cue bacon, bone broth, curry leaves, pickled chilies with a side of toast was a good dish. Tender, bite-sized morsels of fresh clams (with their shells on) mixed with their fatty (literally), chewy bacon sitting in a small pool of spicy broth. I wasn’t too fond of the toast points that accompanied this dish just because it’s absorbing the broth for a while but, I’m presuming that they’ll serve it separately if one does order it than done party style.

Platter of pork spare ribs
Pork spare ribs

The pork spare ribs were quite amazing. Meaty, very tender ribs that’s been smoked since noon and served around 7 PM, giving it a hint of smoke mingling with the sweetness of the marinade. In my opinion, this was a good attempt on Asian style-ribs that leans on the American style.

Chef/Owner of Fatty 'Cue Zakary Pelaccio cutting up brisket Jar of smoked fish/palm syrup with Indonesian long pepper
Zakary Pelaccio cutting brisket and a jar of smoked fish sauce with palm sugar syrup

The best thing I’ve eaten was Zak’s brisket served with smoked fish sauce and palm sugar syrup topped with Indonesian long pepper. The brisket was smoky, super tender that you don’t have to chew much, and really juicy. Since utensils weren’t provided at the alley where his two large smokers were located, we had to use our hands to grab a cube of brisket. When you eat it with the aforementioned sauce, it elevated the smoky, sweet flavors a couple of notches. Zak did let us try his smoky, chile pepper paste but I prefer the mildly sweet syrup.

I would go back again for their barbecue. I still think of their awesome brisket to this day.

If you want to see the slideshow of the event, click here. Note, this goes to a full screen slideshow.

Fatty ‘Cue

91 South 6th Street (between Berry St & Bedford Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 1121 (map; website; Twitter)


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