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Vendy Awards 2011

View of Downtown Manhattan, a can of Brooklyn Beer’s Lager with a Vendy sleeve, and the crowd Probably some of you might think I won’t ever eat street food. That’s a really bad assumption of me, as I’m an equal opportunity eater. I don’t mind eating things that are street food, homemade, to haute cuisine. My minimum criteria is that it has to taste good. Hence, my attendance to 2011 Vendy Awards at Governors Island. (more…)

The Return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and some inside info)

New Yorkers, we can rejoice for the return of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck! I did miss the first time Doug Quint, the one of the owners of BGICT, when he did graced his presence at Union Square two weeks ago. To those of you who are not familiar with Doug and Bryan’s truck, they’re the awfully funny and cool guys who run a Mr. Softee truck that’s pretty much an anti-Mr. Softee, if that made sense. Yes, they do sell the traditional shakes, soft serve with the dips, nuts, and/or sprinkles but, when you visit this truck you..

Pre-Dinner at Momofuku Milk Bar & Ssäm Bar, Dinner at Baoguette Cafe, and Dessert Truck

It’s been a loong time since I’ve seen any of my friends because of my mom’s hospitalization a few weeks earlier and prepping for my upcoming vacation. Julie commented on my blog recently wanted to see me before I’m leaving NYC, I made time last Friday to have dinner with her at 6:30. Almost by default, I’ve brought Helen along because she’s out from work early and can accompany for pre-dinner. (What I mean by “pre-dinner” is consuming food right before dinner just to kill time.) It was a warm (finally) evening, Helen and I wanted ice cream. We thought..