Beachside, Leisurely Lunch by the Beach at Xiringuito Escribà (Barcelona, Spain)

Xiringuito EscribÃ
Interior of dining area Table setting
Xiringuito Escribà: Exterior, Interior, Table setting

When you go to Barcelona and want to be out and about on a Sunday, you should plan to do little or an activity that can take a very long time because many shops and museums don’t open on a Sunday. It’s an European thing, I guess, to pace yourself and enjoy the weekend before the grind of the work week comes. Unlike in New York City, where it’s the norm for a shop open seven days a week unless it’s a major holiday.

We were fortunate to have a sunny, balmy Sunday that my friends and I took the Metro to Port Olimpic and strolled up the beaches of Barcelona. We saw locals (adults and young children) and tourists playing volleyball, flying kites and many cyclists casually biking on the boardwalk.

We finally made it to Xiringuito Escribà for lunch. Where we were tipped by the Spanish Hipster that this place was it for excellent paella.

Our starters with glasses of sangria

Seated toward the beach and starting our day (afternoon, really) with fruity sangria (5€ half liter) and a few starters.

Fresh anchvoies (from l'Escala) Fresh squids Andalusian style with padron peppers and side of mayonnaise

When in Barcelona, you will understand that the Barcelonians are passionate to serve and eat the fresh seafood and jamon. We had the fresh squid Andalusian-style with padrón peppers and side of mayonnaise (14€) that was lightly breaded and fried and the crisp fried peppers added some degree of sweetness. The fresh anchovies served with pan con tomate (18€) was sublime. Nice hit of salinity to contrast the crunchy yet moist tomato smeared bread.

Escribà special paella
Escribà special paella

We ordered the Escribà special paella (19,50€ per person) that’s made with langoustines, shrimp, mussels, clams, cuttlefish, artichoke and green pepper cooked in fish stock. The paella was very delicious and easily could have fed probably another person besides us but we eventually polished this huge pan of slightly creamy rice that was delicious in every bite and the seafood were cooked perfectly.

Platja de Bogatell

By the time we finished our food and drank our last drops of sangria, in our slightly food coma state we stared out to the ocean and see two little kids happily playing around a vintage bicycle near us, and think out loud, life doesn’t suck.

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Xiringuito Escribà

Avenida del Litoral, 42
08005 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 93 221 07 29


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