Vioko (Barcelona, Spain) – Upscale Chocolates and Delicious Gelati

Entrance to Vioko Pastry chef/owner Lucila Baiardi
At the entry to Vioko: "You like what you like" written on the wall
Colorful bonbons

During our vacation to Barcelona, we stopped by Vioko since we’ve read the shop has some seriously good gelati (plural for gelato or an Italian version of ice cream) that has more than the basic flavors. Since we were near the beaches of Barcelona and it was a very warm, mid-October afternoon (the high temperature then was near 80°F) this was a great idea.

Vioko is owned and run by pastry chef Lucila Baiardi (photographed above), an Argentine expat who studied the fine art of pastry around various kitchens in Europe and eventually settled in Barcelona to open this sleek, modern chocolate and gelati shop that is in essence, shaped like a U, to display all of her beautiful baked goods of streamlined cakes, macarons, various cookies, including the Argentinian traditional sandwich cookie, the alfajor), bonbons, and chocolate bars.

Beautiful, modern shaped cakes Chocolate cake

My pistachio macaron dusted in edible gold

While we’re in the shop, I craved the pistachio macaron that’s swirled with gold dust. It’s a very good macaron when I bit into it, despite the fact I should let it warm in my hand a bit longer, the texture is good. The brittle macaron shell meets the moist crumb and creamy and not too sweet pistachio filling.

Exclusive (and expensive) Chanel No 5 infused bonbons Our box of exclusive (and expensive) Chanel No 5 infused bonbons

We also split the shop’s exclusive, premier bonbon made with Chanel No. 5. Yes, that signature scent of the historic French fashion house is infused into chocolate. When Ms. Baiardi showed it to us, our jaws dropped since it sounds excessive and eccentric. In all, it sounds crazy enough that it’s almost too irresistible to not wanting to try that bonbon.

The bonbon is infused, besides the Chanel No. 5 perfume, with bourbon vanilla, Amaretto di Saronno and is rolled in edible 22-carat gold leaf. One of these babies is 30€ each or a box of 9 Chanel No 5 bonbons are 200€. Sure it is expensive but it is very unique and the perfume’s flavor is there without being too overbearing and the dark chocolate as the base was a perfect background to the timeless floral, sandalwood-based perfume.

My cone of fig and walnut gelato

As we’re about to head out and looking out at the pedestrians passing by fanning themselves, we thought of getting a cone of gelati of our own. After tasting about a dozen different flavors to make up our mind what to have, I settled for a fig and walnut gelato. I love fig so it’s a relative default. Beyond that, the smooth, creamy, somewhat sticky texture of the fig gelato due to the fact there’s mostly fruit (about 60%, which is very high for gelato) and the crunchy, bitter, earthy flavor walnuts balance of the sweetness of the figs. I happily licked through that cone while walking down the beach lined streets of Barcelona, heading to our next stop.

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Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 55
08003 Barcelona, Spain
Phone:+34 932 21 06 52


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