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Pitango Gelato and Pitango Bakery & Cafe (Washington, D.C. & Baltimore, MD)

Pitango Gelato and its bakery (which I will talk about later) are a thriving small, family-owned business run by Noah Dan, truly believe in using the best, local (if possible), organic ingredients in their products. Pitango Gelato has multiple locations in DC, Baltimore, and Reston (in Virginia). We visited the Penn Quarter location for our gelato Inside, the space is clean, with lofty ceilings, lots of wood tones and a delightful minimalism with just the right amount of pastel yellow to make it seem homey. (more…) Advertisements

Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee – It’s More Than Gelato Here (Washington, D.C.)

Near our hotel in Dupont Circle when we were in Washington, D.C., one of our mornings for breakfast was at Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee. This particular location feels cozy like entering a friend’s living room and the local artwork some wit. (Dolcezza has five locations and a factory about 10 minutes outside of town and each location has its own look/personality.) Dolcezza’s philosophy is to support local farmers and make exquisite gelato. Dolcezza serves artisanal gelato produced in small hand-made batches every morning, using the best available ingredients: local fruits, herbs, eggs, cheese, milk and cream. Combining old-world methods and..

Vioko (Barcelona, Spain) – Upscale Chocolates and Delicious Gelati

During our vacation to Barcelona, we stopped by Vioko since we’ve read the shop has some seriously good gelati (plural for gelato or an Italian version of ice cream) that has more than the basic flavors. Since we were near the beaches of Barcelona and it was a very warm, mid-October afternoon (the high temperature then was near 80°F) this was a great idea. Vioko is owned and run by pastry chef Lucila Baiardi (photographed above), an Argentine expat who studied the fine art of pastry around various kitchens in Europe and eventually settled in Barcelona to open this sleek,..

A.B. Biagi Gelato

A.B. Biagi’s window; Antonio Biagi (the owner) scooping chocolate sorbet; Artwork on the walls; Coffee beans for sale, and the interior A.B. Biagi is a sunny yellow gelato shop in Nolita, by its proprietor, Antonio Barros Biagi. Antonio first fell in love with gelato while growing up with his Italian family in the Brazilian countryside. Italian immigrants adapted their gelato recipes to Brazil’s tropical weather, using local fruits and naturally lower fat milk to create lighter frozen desserts that could stand up to the heat. He spent seven years studying gelato, and now he has opened his own bright yellow..

il laboratorio del gelato

Neon sign of the gelateria; Gelato; Espresso and coffee machines Back in 2002, when artisan ice creams started to hit its stride in New York City Jon Snyder proprietor of Il Laboratorio del Gelato was located at a tiny storefront at Orchard Street. If you recall a post from The New York Times last year, he moved to a much larger space, at 3,300 square feet, to make the retail portion of his business a bit more comfortable for his customers and opening later hours. There’s also more flavors available from 30 to 50 flavors. (If you ever visited the..

Sneak Preview: Amorino Gelato in Greenwich Village

Interior of Amorino If you remembered my first day in Paris post (seen here), Amorino’s gelati (gelati = plural of gelato) were awesome. Creamy, dreamy, intensely flavorful and dense, like gelato should be. I was lucky to get a sneak preview of Amorino and its offerings earlier this afternoon. (more…)

Summary of Meals During The Month of March

Apologies for the almost non-existence of me blogging. It’s been hectic for the past month with my mom’s health went on limbo; going back and forth from home to the hospital. She’s fine for the time being and at home. As for me, I haven’t been eating out a whole lot because of my mom and been living off of lots of coffee but still tired despite being caffeinated. Buh. I can’t win. Anyhoo, here’s where I’ve been to whilst I have a few hours to myself during the month of March. Discovery of Soup Dumplings in the Upper East..

Lunch with a Gelato Virgin at Otto

Lately, I’ve been on a run with eating out with new stomachs people recently, which is refreshing since Helen can’t join me because she’s all the way up at Columbia University for her rotation (in other words, internship for her pharmacy program). Robyn and K are busy with work. So I met another reader, Drew, for lunch at Otto. Prior to meeting up with Drew, we exchanged emails in terms of what he’s interested in trying. I found out he never ate gelato before. NEVER ate gelato?! That’s…sad. Since we’re here, this is the perfect spot to try out the..

A Quasi-Healthy Lunch at Bouchon and Brunch with People…

This week or so was pretty much uneventful until yesterday, which I will get to soon. Why? Just because I meant to do that since I’m getting conscious (sorta) of what I’m eating since I joined a gym the past two weeks and I’m thinking to myself, I shouldn’t eat that much or I’m working out for almost NOTHING. So, I’m trying to limit myself as to something “interesting” for you guys to read about what I’m eating. I know, it’s a shame as a food blogger that I’m doing this to myself and in the end, you. But I’ll..