2013 Holiday Cakes from Financier Patisserie

Trio of cakes from Financier Patisserie

I’m no stranger to Financier Patisserie. Several years ago I used to write about Financier’s various pastries and generally liked them a lot.

This year, Financier released a Thanksgiving/Hanukkah cakes and pie menu. For the unaware, this year both holidays almost fall on the same date this year; Hanukkah starts on sundown of Wednesday, November 27th and Thanksgiving is the next day.

For me, I love cakes for holidays. It slightly trumps pie (they do offer pecan pie) because cakes look festive.

The Beautiful Marquis

The stunning Marquis is layered with pecan banana biscuit, caramel passion fruit crème brûlée, chocolate biscuit and a mascarpone cheese mousse topped with a subtly sweet caramel passion fruit glaze. It’s a sophisticated cake that almost taste like there’s a tinge of rum, if any. The passion fruit was not overtly tart. If I did not care for a full meal (as in savory and sweet foods), I would easily eat this cake in a sitting. It’s really that good.

Pumpkin mousse cheesecake

The pumpkin mousse cheesecake is layered with pumpkin biscuit, cheesecake cream, cranberries, pumpkin bavarian cream topped with cranberry glaze. The entire cake was nicely balanced of spices, not cinnamon laden even though it’s present and I like the bites of sharpness of the cranberries. I should state that this is a cake not the dense custard-y cheesecake we New Yorkers are familiar with.

Marechal Praline

The Marechal Praline cake is essentially a moist, chocolate praline mousse and vanilla bavarian cream cake with delicate crispy bites of feuillatine. The chocolate macaron base of the cake gave it some tasty, chewy structure to this airy, mostly chocolate-y delight.

All the cakes and pies mentioned here have a small size (6 or 7-inch, depending upon which pastry) for $24.50 and a large (8 or 9-inch) for $42.50.

Financier Patisserie

Their website to order directly

Various locations (10 in total) throughout Manhattan, NY but the following locations are open for Thanksgiving:
First Avenue (at 54th Street)
983 First Avenue
New York, NY 10022
9 AM – 2 PM

Grand Central Terminal (42nd Street Passage)
87 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
8 AM – 3 PM

Cedar Street (between Pearl and William)
35 Cedar Street @10 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY 10005
9 AM – 2 PM


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