Incredible Doughnuts from Trou de Beigne in Montreal, Canada

Trou de Beigne Doughnuts: Salted Caramel Glaze, Coconut Lime
My dozen of Trou de Beigne Doughnuts!
My dozen of Trou de Beigne Doughnuts

This past weekend, I made a brief trip up to Montreal for a photography assignment for Complexity. Since I knew this particular trip was coming up, I asked around who makes really good doughnuts around Montreal? After some research and who had more flexible hours, I found Trou de Beigne. (Who knew Montreal are like the traditional French compatriots? Many shops close early on Sundays and not many open on Mondays.)

Trou de Beigne is a premium, artisan doughnut brand that makes the freshest, tastiest doughnuts I’ve had in a long time. Anywhere.

My dozen of regular sized doughnuts ($2.25 each) were dropped off to my hotel, while I was out in experiencing beautiful Montreal, by Trou de Beigne’s very kind proprietor, Giuliano.

These delectable fried wheels of dough were fluffy, not too sweet and it satisfied my sweet tooth, especially after burning the late night oil after hanging out in Montreal with my new friends of sommeliers and wine experts who traveled with me.

Trou de Beigne Doughnuts: Blizzard (Oreo-like flavor) doughnut Trou de Beigne Doughnuts: Coconut Lime, S'mores, and Nutella Banana
Trou de Beigne Doughnuts: My pair of Maple Bacon Doughnuts

The flavors I had were the Salted Caramel, Blizzard, Coconut Lime, Maple Bacon, Espresso (version 2.0), and S’mores. The salted caramel was a delicious combination of fluffy, sweet, moist doughnut meeting a slightly gooey, salted caramel glaze that was beyond a basic glazed doughnut.

The Blizzard is tasted like an Oreo cookie in a doughnut form. It is based on the chocolate doughnut enrobed in a white glaze and topped with cookie crumbles.

The coconut lime transported me to the Florida Keys while I was in chilly Montreal from the vibrant, in-your-face lime flavors from the lime zest with a flaky sweet coconut.

The s’mores doughnut almost looked like a summer campfire with burnt marsmallows in the center and it does taste like a better version of the beloved campfire treat.

Maple Bacon was a perfect balance of sweet and savory from the maple glaze and smoky slightly salty bacon. (I wish the bacon was a bit more crispier.)

The Espresso doughnut was very good and liked the moist dark chocolate doughnut topped with coffee crumbles on top.

If you are ever in Montreal, you must get Trou de Beigne doughnuts. Their stockist (in Montreal) is currently Cafe Olimpico but you should definitely write to them on Twitter or by e-mail to find out where you can find their amazing doughnuts. It’s worth every calorie…

Trou de Beigne



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