Nickel Diner’s Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

Donuts from my best friend who visited LA!
Donuts from Nickel Diner

One of my best friends told me she’s flying out to Los Angeles to meet up with a few friends during the Easter weekend. Knowing how LA has a vibrant, interesting scene for donuts, I cannot resist asking her to pick some up for me and sent her a few ideas where she can find some. She happily obliged and went to Nickel Diner.

Chocolate hazelnut and bacon donuts
Irish Car Bomb Donut Strawberry donut
Red Velvet Donut
The donuts…

She brought over one of each of these large, palm-sized donuts (it can fill almost an entire standard dessert plate). The five donuts the diner make are maple bacon, strawberry crumb, nutella, red velvet and an Irish car bomb (equal parts Guiness, Baileys Irish cream and Jameson filling).

Each donut were very good to its own (feather light in texture, flavorful and delicious), but if I had to put them in order I would say the top three are the red velvet, maple bacon, and Irish car bomb. It’s a good find, even though I haven’t been there myself.


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