Breakfast and Spa at Fiesta Americana Grand Resort and Dinner at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico

Outdoor beds on the beach for the Governors Suite
Preparing for breakfast on the beach...that's where I'm having it Cabana with the view of the hotel
Sleeping by the beach at the Governors Suite, Preparing for breakfast on the beach, and Cabana with a view of the hotel

Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort has been recognized with the AAA 4 Diamond Award for 2012. This is one of the few exclusive, luxurious properties in Los Cabos.

There is comfort and elegance its 249 rooms and suites that this property offers and the breathtaking views from the many pools and beaches that goes out to the Sea of Cortés.

On our agenda for that particular morning at Fiesta Americana Grand, we had breakfast on the beach.

Our group getting seated
Pastries Fresh papaya juice, milk, sugar and jams
Coffee The breakfast spread
My breakfast
Getting seated for breakfast, the spread, and my food

It was a glorious morning to be eating out there. Gentle breezes with the bright morning sun (admittedly, being shaded in by umbrellas), strong brewed coffee, and good breakfast fare. I still can’t get over how fresh and sweet the melons and fruits are at Cabo. The hotel’s breakfast pastries are surprisingly very good, as I had a whispy, flaky, and sweet powdered sugared croissant despite of the relatively humid region.

Main course for breakfast: Eggs benedict on top of a gordita The gordita, cut up
Egg benedict on top of a gordita

We were surprised with an additional dish that the hotel’s executive chef prepared for us – a gordita topped with an egg benedict. The dense meat filled corn cake was made creamy by hollandaise sauce and the yolky egg. It’s a very tasty dish but quite heavy after consuming all of the other food I had earlier.

Rough waves of the Pacific
Infinity pool meets the beach Iguana by the pool

We took a little walk along the beach and their various infinity pools and met the resident iguana to the next appointment – the spa.

Lounge at SOMMA Wine Spa Some of the wines to drink at SOMMA Wine Spa
The room for my massage at SOMMA Wine Spa
On the terrace of SOMMA Wine Spa
SOMMA Wine Spa: The Lounge, some of wines to drink while at the spa, my massage room, and at the terrace

The hotel’s spa SOMMA Wine Spa is one of the few spas in Cabo that offers spa treatments that are inspired by wine or more specifically, treatments based on grapes and its oils. We all had the luxurious vinotherapy massage. I recalled at the end of the relaxing, blissful massage was the gentle scent of grape oil while I was lounging at their very comfortable chaise and sipping on a delicious glass of Pinot Noir from the Baja region.

After changing back to my street clothes, refreshed, I wish I could stay at Fiesta Americana Grand Resort longer. It’s a luxurious resort that serves very good food with breath taking views of the Pacific. The wine spa was a big plus. I would love to go back.

Morning at Sheraton Cabo del Sol Morning at Sheraton Cabo del Sol
Sheraton's pool
De Cortez
At Sheraton Hacienda del Mar

At the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Resort, we had dinner at its French-inspired Mexican restaurant, De Cortez.

Looking out to the terrace The menu
Peach mango margarita Mushroom empanadas
The view of the ocean from inside, the table setting, peach mango margarita, and mushroom empanadas

We sat near the windows with a great view of the beach and the ocean, greeted with peach mango margaritas. A refreshing, subtly sweet and fruity drink with a spicy, salty kick from the chili salt rim. Not too long, we had shared plates of hot mushroom empanadas. A delicately flaky crusted pastry filled with savory, earthy mushrooms.

My drinks Salmon tasting: Marinated with mango, hearts of palm flavored with dill, avocado mousee and chili
Spinach salad, tomato, roasted cheese, toasted grains with nut dressing
First courses: Salmon tasting, Spinach salad, paired with L.A. Cetto Chardonnay 2009

Our first courses were between a salmon tasting or a spinach salad, paired a locally grown Chardonnay by L.A. Cetto; it’s a very crisp with hints of green apple. I opted for the salmon tasting, as Cabo is known for fresh seafood. This tasting has marinated with mango, hearts of palm flavored with dill, avocado mousee and chili. It did emphasize the freshness of the silky, slightly sweet sashimi-style salmon.

Palate cleaner - Mango, orange, cucumber sorbet
Palate cleanswer and the next wine pairing of Don Louis Merlot 2008 for the main course

The palate cleanser of a sorbet of mango, orange and cucumber was cold, refreshing bites to rid of any lingering trace of avocado mousse and chili from my salmon tasting.

L.A. Cetto Chardonnay 2009 and Don Luis Merlot 2008 (Baja region wines) Braised veal accompaied with fennel and confitted tomatoes
Lobster Duo - Fricasse with "supreme sauce", roasted with sweet pesto scented with chili
Don Luis Merlot 2008 to pair with Braised veal or Lobster Duo

Moving to our main course of either a large plate of braised veal accompaied with fennel and confitted tomatoes or Lobster Duo, a fricasse of supreme sauce with roasted sweet pesto scented with chili. I continued on satiating my seafood craving and went for the lobster. The sweet crustacean was well executed and the rich, creamy baked potato side dish and sweet roasted onion on the side were good accompaniments.

Chocolate Duo - Chocolate sauce poured on top Chocolate Duo - inside
Dessert: Chocolate Duo and a cup of coffee

The Chocolate Duo for dessert was a showstopper for the evening. Presented with a large shallow bowl with a dark dome of chocolate, our servers slowly poured the warm 86% chocolate syrup to melt through the chocolate shell, revealing a crispy Florentine in a creamy foam. It wasn’t as decadent as it sounded (thankfully) but certainly made my sweet tooth happy.

Outdoor terrace by the firepits Nightcap: Cucumber margarita
Having a nightcap outside

Once we’re finished with dessert and some conversation, we were invited to have a nightcap outside at the El Niño Beach Bar. Their cucumber margarita hit the spot for me, as it’s light, crisp and not too alcoholic. My traveling companions had Mexican beer (slightly stronger in terms of alcohol content than our American beers) along with their margaritas.

We all bid each other goodnight as the night approached to the late night hours and went to our own rooms and slept off our day’s indulgence.

To view more of my photos of these visits, please scroll through the slideshow below (or click through my Flickr set of Fiesta Americana Grand Resort (slideshow seen below) and/or photo set of Sheraton Hacienda del Mar):

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Fiesta Americana Grand Resort

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Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort
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