Taste of TriBeca 2011

Last weekend, as you might tell, was my weekend of gluttony… (in case you haven’t noticed, there was The New Taste of Upper West Side)

Taste of Tribeca Kids saying 'Thank you' to Taste of TriBeCa
Taste of TriBeCa & local children of TriBeCa thanking the people running this event

Taste of TriBeCa was my first food event of the day and it’s a good one to start with as it is for a good cause: fundraising for two TriBeca public elementary schools, PS 150 and PS 234, art and enrichment programs.

Here’s some highlights of this food-filled event:

Chocolate Budino Egg from Brick NYC Chocolate Budino Egg from Brick NYC
Chocolate Budino Egg from Brick NYC

Brick NYC had the most whimsical display for their chocolate budino topped with whipped cream. The pudding was rich and velvety but it’s arguably on the small side for a serving.

If you want your indulgent chocolate kick, I’d point you to Duane Park Patisserie‘s molten chocolate cake (photo).

The loong line waiting at Marc Forgione Chef Forgione turning the meat
High Plains Bison Prime Rib, Ramp Chimichurri, Smoked Salt at Marc Forgione
At Marc Forgione’s table

The line at Marc Forgione was insanely long because the chef cooked and plated his High Plains Bison Prime Rib, Ramp Chimichurri, and Smoked Salt in small batches. Average wait time was 15-20 minutes but it’s worth it, if you do like bison.

Bouley's Soy Milk Panna Cotta with Caramelized Bananas and green tea sauce Bouley's Soy Milk Panna Cotta with Green Tea Ice Cream
Bouley’s Soy Milk Panna Cotta, caramelized bananas, green tea sauce, green tea ice cream

Bouley restaurant served two Japanese-influenced items, Fresh tofu with black truffle dashi (photo; savory) and a dessert: Soy Milk Panna Cotta, caramelized bananas, green tea sauce topped with green tea ice cream. To tell you frankly, their dessert was the best of all the offerings in this particular event. It’s not terribly sweet. The panna cotta was silky and soft. The green tea ice cream was to die for; creamy, luscious and balanced between the sweet and bitterness of the matcha green tea. The caramelized bananas found at the center of the custard was an unexpected flavor pairing but it worked.

Smoked Nova Scotia salmon with red onion, capers and cream cheese in a bagel from Zucker's Bagels
Zucker’s Bagels: Smoked Nova Scotia salmon with red onion, capers and cream cheese in a bagel

Zucker’s Bagels had some amazing bagel sandwiches and their pastrami was pretty darn good, too. I was enamored with their smoked Nova Scotia salmon with cream cheese, capers, and red onion in a bagel. It satisfied my craving for an Old School New York breakfast sandwich.

Locanda Verde's Lamb Meatball and a postcard for a gratis oatmeal sandwich cookie at the restaurant
Locanda Verde At the bakery section
Locanda Verde: Lamb meatball and at Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde had the best meatball served in this food event. Tender, soft lamb meat with a great tangy tomato sauce and a dusting of caprino goat’s milk cheese. They made a smart move making every person who ate their meatballs to head over to their restaurant’s bakery/take-out section to pick up an oatmeal sandwich cookie (as their postcard indicated).

As the time heads toward the peak lunch/brunch hours, the crowds were pouring in. Some young families who brought their children out with strollers caused some traffic jams but it got a little too hectic for me to hang around. Nevertheless, it’s good fun and you can’t leave hungry.

For more photos of this event, please scroll through my slideshow below:

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Taste of TriBeCa

Website: http://www.tasteoftribeca.com


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