Creminelli Fine Meat: Very Good Salumi Delivered to Your Door

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Assortment of salumi My shipment

Over this Thanksgiving weekend, I shared a platter of salumi from Creminelli Fine Meat with friends and family as to serve as hors d’oeuvres with some MouCo cheese (which I’ll get to in the next post) and wines before the whole shebang of Thanksgiving dinner.

Never in my past few years of hosting large dinners, have I received so many compliments for a simple platter of salumi. And it’s not a surprise why the salumi were lauded. The Cremenelli family has been producing their artisan salumi since the early 1970’s and kept the recipe in the family until the present day and all their ingredients are sourced in America.

The flavors of each salumi (I had the Holiday Salami Mix, the Casalingo and Piccante. [Yes, I had a voracious group over for dinner.]) were robustly flavored and scented of wine and spices with a pleasant chewy texture. The exception was the Tartufo as it has a heady, musky scent of black truffles.

My assortment of salumi
Salumi served

Their salumi are available to order on their website or you can look up for vendors sold near your area.


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