Nespresso Pixie & Aeroccino3 – A Great Gift Idea for Any Occasion

Nespresso Pixie The Pixie
Aeroccino 3 - Milk frother accessory Aeroccino3 - Mik frother accessory
Nespresso Pixie & Aeroccino3 Milk frother

A few weeks ago I received my shipment from Nespresso: the Pixie which was released this spring as well as the Aeroccino3 milk frother. The Pixie ($249) has the same power like its bigger siblings (e.g. CitiZ), utilizing 19 bars of pressure to produce an espresso extraction. The Pixie still uses the same Nespresso coffee pods. It still has the same sexy, chic, and streamlined design that Nespresso is known for but in a smaller, lighter (in weight) form.

The Aeroccino3 ($100) is a handy way to get your milk frothed in about 20 seconds. Since I’m still working on how to time myself correctly, this is how it looks like when you let the Aeroccino3 run its full cycle to a stiff froth, right out of the machine (photo). I love how sleek and compact this gadget is (and it does come in two other glossy colors besides the black I have).

Homemade cappuccino
Homemade cappuccino

What I like about the Pixie is that it’s great for people like me who are on-the-go and want a consistently good espresso in the morning and it uses very little counter space. (If you ever seen/been to/live in a normal Manhattan apartment, the latter is a very important requirement.) The Aeroccino3 produces very good, consistent froth that holds its volume and shape for a good couple of minutes (see the photo above).

Together, I would think the Pixie and Aeroccino3 are great gifts for a graduate or an amazing wedding present for people who do want their kick of caffeine quickly and tastes good every morning – and want to save valuable counter real estate.


Main website: http://www.nespresso.com/us/en
Nespresso Pixie mini-site: http://www.nespresso.com/pixie/?l=en_US
Nespresso Aeroccino3 mini-site: http://www.nespresso.com/aeroccino3/?l=en_US

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